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Music for Empty Nesters: The Eagles Hotel California Tour-

At the risk of totally aging myself…my very first concert as a teenager (age 15) was The Eagles Hotel California Tour at The Forum in Inglewood, CA.  Tomorrow, I will visit the same venue for the same concert tour 38 years later!

Kate Atkinson of Entertainment Weekly reports ,”The Forum concerts mark the reopening of the L.A. Forum after a $100 million renovation, which included adding the world’s largest record — a re-creation of the Eagles’ Hotel California — to the venue’s roof. “It’s about the only facelift I care for in Hollywood,” Frey joked onstage about the Forum’s new look. The Eagles have a lot of history with the venue: They played multi-night stints there in 1975, 1976, and 1979, and their six-show residency (which continues Friday night and goes through next Saturday, Jan. 25) was a perfect pick to reintroduce the onetime home of the Lakers.”


The 1976 concert was so incredible…the whole experience was mesmerizing! It felt like being part of the big leagues when you were only 15 years old. My best friend’s brother drove us and I can seriously remember it all so vividly. I loved The Eagles and especially that album and I knew every word to every song and I still do. Today I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, but I remember those lyrics. Crazy but true!

It is incredibly rare for a band to be around this long, still be popular and choose to revisit a tour they played so many years ago!

I wanted to share this very rare “adventure” with you and promise to report every detail with photos!

Any other Empty Nester attending The Eagles Tour?

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10 thoughts on “Music for Empty Nesters”

  1. Well, I am an empty nester for several years now, but at the same time was also divorced. So, although life isn’t what I imagined it, I am still an empty nester. On Saturday, I have a date to go to the Eagles concert at the Forum in Inglewood as well and I am looking very much forward to it! Hard to imagine….that was that long ago that we were jamming to their music as teens. Have a great time….as I will. 🙂

    • You are definitely an Empty Nester! You have all of the same feelings divorced or not! I am so excited that you are going to the Eagles as well. It will bring back lots of memories from high school! 🙂 Thank you for your comments!

  2. We saw them at the forum last Saturday night. You are in for a real treat! Although I never saw them in concert before, they’ve always been a big part of my life over the years. I know (almost) all the words to (almost) every song as well. They sounded so good and their chemistry was inspiring. They may be getting older – just as their fans are – but they still have a lot of life left in them! Just as their fans do! Right?!

  3. Hubs and I saw The Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl in 2010 and they sounded great. I love their songs. Especially those from their album “Hotel California”! We were pleasantly surprised by an announced guest appearance by Joe Walsh. I agree Suzanne, ’tis good music for Empty Nesters. Another concert I’d love to attend is the Sting/Paul Simon concert coming up at The Forum/LA in February. Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album is still one of my all-time favorites.

    • Carolyn it so fun to share these moments with others who understand and enjoy the same things! Joe Walsh is a brilliant guitarist and quite a character! Sting/Paul Simon sounds amazing! We have recently had the privilege of attending a private concert with Sting for 1,000 people in Maui. My husband’s company had a reward trip that we attended. Seeing Sting so close and hearing that magical voice was actually one of the greatest evenings of my adult life. Please feel free to write and share what is going on in your world!

  4. My sister used to listen to Hotel California a LOT, not my usual music style even I was addicted. I love their live version of HC it’s amazing but I have never seen them in concert, I’ve seen Bryan Adams in concert, that was pretty awesome.

    • Vikki, thank you for stopping by! I grew up in Southern California, I don’t know if The Eagles were more popular here. It’s interesting the memories that come to you through music. I remember listening to The Eagles in my best friends living room and we made up dances to the songs! Yikes!


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