Find Adventure in Midlife!

You’ve reached midlife, the kids are doing great… now what? I believe that might be the million-dollar question. What do you want to do when you grow up? Now that our kids are grown and we have put all of our energy into making them the very best adults they can be, it is our …

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Instagram: Another #midlife #adventure

Instagram is for midlife adults, empty nesters and baby boomers… it’s not just for our kids. Are you on Instagram? If not, #youaremissingout. I joined Instagram last year and I absolutely love it. Don’t tell my Facebook friends but I think I enjoy it a great deal more! You can pinpoint exactly what you are …

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Empty Nesters and a Midlife Gap Year

Empty Nesters and a midlife gap year… is it for you?   Some Empty Nesters are trying a midlife gap year. Just yesterday, I read in the Wall St Journal  about how couples are tired of doing the same old thing and switching it up a bit.  “After decades of raising children and climbing the corporate ladder, …

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