Our Top Culinary Travel Moments That Touched My Heart and Fulfilled My Inner Foodie

Culinary Travel

Although you may have read about some of these experiences here individually, seeing them gathered together in one large travel menu is a fun exercise. I have had the opportunity to reflect upon additional details and nuances of each experience or meal, plus you can compare and contrast!

The Future of Culinary Travel ~

culinary travel
At the table in Hama Hama, WA

Culinary travel is BIG and also a perfect way to get closer, to mingle with the locals and even learn something! I believe that this type of foodie discovery is here to stay and will only get more focused for future opportunities.

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New York: Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns ~ An Extraordinary Culinary Adventure

Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Jerry, Irene, Me and Craig in the Bakery of the restaurant

A Fairy Tale Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns ~

How well do you know your food? Have you thought about where it comes from? How it is grown? How it is prepared?

Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Pleasantville, NY

We traveled by train thirty miles outside New York City to enjoy the holiday season and to meet up with my good friend and fellow travel writer Irene Levine of Getting on Travel and her husband Jerry. Irene and Jerry live locally and have visited Blue Hill at Stone Barns on several occasions. The restaurant mood was calming and a lovely stone fireplace lit the path to our seats for a magical four hour meal.

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