A Cooking Adventure: My Favorite Risotto Recipe

favorite risotto recipe

Family time and our favorite risotto recipe ~

Cooking and eating great food is a huge part of our everyday life, as well as our traveling experiences. While on a trip, we have fun searching for terrific local cuisine, I take foodie walking tours and attend a cooking classes and while at home, cook for our family or just for Craig and I in the Empty Nest.

About five years ago, I carefully assembled all of our family’s favorite dishes and created a cookbook, Recipes From Your Childhood. I self published through Blurb.com and really enjoyed the experience!

What I loved most was being able to give our children recipes to meals that they loved as children and this allowed them to revisit many wonderful childhood memories. For this labor of love, I tested every recipe and photographed each finished product myself. It is my “go to” cookbook and has made my personal recipe organization a breeze.

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