Where to Eat Great Food in Pasadena Today – Malbec Restaurant

Malbec in Pasadena

Social media can lead to great food in Pasadena ~

I have a great story for you! A social media story with a very happy and delicious ending. A fellow foodie named Susan, who lives near where I live, connected with me on Instagram. She found me and followed me and I followed her in return!

I could tell that she and I had a lot in common through her posts. She loves going to outstanding restaurants and eating great meals and she is also very innovative in her kitchen. Recently she posted a gorgeous photo of a lunch dish she was having at an Argentine restaurant in Pasadena called Malbec.

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The Top Ten Dishes of 2015 – So hard to choose!


top ten dishes of 2015
Buttery and aromatic Eggs Benedict at Sweet Maple in San Francisco


“First we eat, then we do everything else.” ~ M.F.K. Fisher

How to choose my top ten dishes of 2015 … It was tough!

How do you narrow down a very long list to just the top ten dishes of 2015? Honestly? It’s really not fair and damn near impossible to choose which meals we loved the most. I actually started with forty photos of the many photogenic and delicious bites Craig and I have enjoyed. Enticing, colorful, mostly savory dishes that I would pay to go back to eat once more (and probably again after that)!

Searching for and visiting new restaurants and vibrant local markets is an important part of travel. We are always on the hunt for what’s hip, what’s authentic and where the local foodies like to eat. From Los Angeles to Maine, Costa Rica to Hawaii, sprinkled with visits to major foodie cities in the United States, we have eaten some AMAZING dishes this year.

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