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Malbec in Pasadena

Social media can lead to great food in Pasadena ~

I have a great story for you! A social media story with a very happy and delicious ending. A fellow foodie named Susan, who lives near where I live, connected with me on Instagram. She found me and followed me and I followed her in return!

I could tell that she and I had a lot in common through her posts. She loves going to outstanding restaurants and eating great meals and she is also very innovative in her kitchen. Recently she posted a gorgeous photo of a lunch dish she was having at an Argentine restaurant in Pasadena called Malbec.

Malbec is a lively restaurant specializing in delicious, authentic Argentinean cuisine. They offer a large and eclectic menu with lots of grilled meats, fish and homemade salads as well. Susan’s husband is from Argentina, so this couple clearly knows where to go! I was drooling over her Filet of Sole with Capers and remarked that I wanted to go to Malbec very soon!

great food in Pasadena
Her Instagram post ~


An empty nester lunch ~

Not surprisingly, I was ready for another Empty Nester Adventure and I asked if she wanted to meet me at Malbec for lunch. We had never met in person and I really didn’t know what she looked like because she posts primarily eye-catching food photos on her Instagram feed.

Nevertheless she said yes and called over to the restaurant to ask for a special table and to let them know this lunch adventure was happening. Everyone at Malbec could not have been more cordial, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

One of the owners Javier, even came in to say hello to his friend Susan, to talk to us about wines and offered to order our lunch for us with wine pairings. Let me think… yes! And thank you!

Malbec in Pasadena

Susan and I spent more than two hours getting to know each other, swapping foodie stories and learning about each other’s families. She said it kind of felt like a blind date. Very true! It does not seem too surprising but we have a ton in common. I so appreciate her taking the time to meet me and for introducing me to this fantastic restaurant that serves delectable, authentic Argentine dishes.

We were so wrapped up in our conversation that we never took a photo with Javier or with each other. You will need to stay tuned for our next foodie adventure to get those photos.

Our lunch dishes –  You know I will always provide you a view of the amazing food!

great food in Pasadena
Cebiche Classico
great food in Pasadena
Empanadas ~ Beef and Spinach & Cheese
great food in Pasadena
This crepe was A-MAZING! It was filled with spinach, grilled chicken breast & ricotta cheese & topped with bechamel sauce and fresh tomato sauce. I daydream about this dish.
great food in Pasadena
Tender grilled beef with three sauces and roasted Brussels sprouts with Applewood Bacon


Thank you to Javier for also offering this (unexpected) complementary lunch. I can’t wait to take my husband Craig because it is totally his kind of place. The menu offers something for everyone and I should know because I sampled enough of it! No room for dessert this visit, but we will try for next time.

Malbec 1001 E. Green St, Pasadena, CA 

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