Where to Eat in Pasadena ~ The Best Restaurants and Bars

Where to eat in Pasadena

Are you coming to Pasadena anytime soon? Is your favorite college team in the Rose Bowl? Are you up to your knees in snow, icy wind and rain? Do you long for winter temps in the 70’s? What? Yes, the 70’s.

Where to eat in Pasadena

Yes, my friend it is so. The winters are mostly sunny and mild, with no humidity, the mountains are lovely and it is only a short drive to the gorgeous beaches of So Cal. However, we do have plenty of people living here, so just a visit, ok?

Where to eat in Pasadena

So many friends and friends of friends visit Los Angeles and then stop over in Pasadena for a USC or UCLA Football game, that I thought it was time I offered you a simple, straightforward guide for where to eat (and drink) in Pasadena. Plus, now we know that Penn State and USC will be in the Rose Bowl Game on January 2nd. Lots of happy fans will be coming to celebrate the New Year here in Pasadena!

Where to eat in Pasadena
The rose garden at Tournament House.


Pasadena is near and dear to my heart. My husband and I grew up just a few miles from here and I was lucky to be a Princess for the Tournament of Roses Pasadena Royal Court, way back when I was just seventeen! My love and appreciation for this area of Los Angeles gets stronger every day now that we live here again after being away for 30 years! Check out the links below for more info about this unique (and wonderful) city!

Royal Court 1979
Yes, that’s me on the left (1979)


The City of Roses offers a tasty buffet of choices! Terrific chef inspired restaurants, chain restaurants, coffee houses and handcrafted cocktails can all be found here. I didn’t even yet mention the artisan ice cream! Check out Here’s the Scoop: The Top 5 Ice Cream Shops in Pasadena for more info!

Where to eat in Pasadena ~

Where to eat in Pasadena
Mmmm morning coffee at Lincoln


Little Flower


The Central Park Café

Green Street Restaurant




Where to eat in Pasadena
Noodle World – Such a delicious and photogenic bowl of soup!


Noodle World

True Food Kitchen

Cheesecake Factory

800 Degrees Pizza


King Taco

Green Street Restaurant

Europane (there are two locations)

Mi Piace

Where to Eat in Pasadena
Hands down, my favorite place to eat – Union Restaurant



Parkway Grill

Arroyo Chophouse

Smittys Grill

The Grande Orange Cafe

The Raymond

Stoney Point Bar & Grill

Mijares Mexican Restaurant

Where to Eat in Pasadena
Icy cold martinis at Smitty’s



White Horse Lounge


1886 Bar at The Raymond

Magnolia House

Congregation Ale House

Where to Eat in Pasadena
Creative cocktails in a fun, hip environment at Magnolia House


I have provided you the links to every single establishment, so do your homework and see what appeals to you. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices! Some are more expensive than others, but all of them are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Many of the restaurants listed for lunch are great for dinner as well. Keep this post link handy in your phone so you can check it on the fly!

This is my very favorite time of year here! The city is bustling with happy tourists and locals gearing up for the New Year’s Day festivities. Remember, The Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl Game will be on January 2nd, 2017. If the first of January lands on a Sunday, the activities move to the next day. Years ago they found that they could not hold the parade on a Sunday because it would scare the horses hitched outside the many churches along Colorado Boulevard. This tradition still stands even now when we do not travel to church on a horse!

Have fun, eat well and enjoy Pasadena!

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