What’s in the News? My Saturday Round-up List

whats in the news - Snow in Seattle
Just look at Seattle covered in snow – It doesn’t happen often! Photo: Alex Stavert


What’s in the news? Focusing on the happy part of the news here!

We are inching our way closer to Christmas. How does it feel? It feels good. I love the lights on the houses of our tree lined street, I love planning our gift list, I love “Best of” lists, I guess I love me a good list!

I collected a “list” of a few articles from the news this week that I found quite interesting. You won’t find politics on Adventures of Empty Nesters, I will leave that task for other people.

Books! I love Books!

Did you know there was a very popular Book of the Month Club… on Instagram?

Are you looking for just the right book to give this holiday season? Modern Mrs Darcy ( I just love her) serves up a great list!

From the NY Times ~ 7 Writers on their favorite bookstores – This is a dreamy article about stores from all over the world!

What are you serving?

whats in the news

We are crazy about Old Fashioneds at our house – Have you joined the craze? Check out this simple recipe from Bon Appetit. Our recipe is very close to this one…  I must write a post about this, we have perfected this drink. This recipe will get you enthused! Stay tuned for the Stavert version.

No round-up would be complete without this … The Best Gifts for Adventure Travelers! 

Check out this list of the Finalists for the T + L 2016 Photo Contest – Just gorgeous!

LA Times ~ Best Dishes of the Year! By Jonathon Gold

whats in the news

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2 thoughts on “What’s in the News? My Saturday Round-up List”

  1. Suzanne, thank you for keeping your blog a no politics zone! I look forward to reading your upbeat and inspiring articles. And I love your lists. Like you, I love books so am enjoying your lists of books and writers. And I also have developed a taste for Old Fashioneds. This past summer was all about rose wines for me. This winter, it’s all about Old Fashioneds. I look forward to reading about the Stavert version. Happy Holidays!

    • Aw thank you Donna! Just when I think no one is reading! LOL – I certainly appreciate your detailed and thoughtful comments! We love rosé too! That was our go-to choice as well. I hope you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest and Craig and I will give a toast to you and your family! <3


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