Saturday Browsing: News From the Web

news from the Web

News from the Web ~

Our moving from Seattle to Los Angeles has put a cramp on my ability to gather news from the web. We drove for two days and then we flew off to New York for a week, so life is especially busy and a little confusing. We are camped out at Craig’s mom’s house about 13 miles east of Pasadena, so we are still vagabonds for another few weeks. The fixer upper home we are renovating is almost finished. Can I get an Amen!

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Saturday Morning Browsing: What’s New on the Web?

Saturday morning

What’s new on the Web? You may not have seen these links.

Sitting in the quiet of the early morning, with a big cup of tea, Craig and I spend an hour catching up on what’s new on the Web. We each share with the other anything that would pique our interest. There is so much noise out there and I think it is helpful if someone else curates a few stories for me.

I don’t know about you, but I find a plethora of fascinating ideas, posts, news stories, photos and inspiration from hopping around the Web. Throughout the week I receive updates and posts from various news sources and from other bloggers. When you subscribe, the articles that are sent to you are literally custom made for your interests. Ah, the convenience of technology!

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