Update: The Midlife Knee Surgery is Today :-)

midlife knee surgery

Midlife Knee Surgery ~

Somehow I needed to qualify the surgery as “midlife”. I wrote it because I am old enough now to have worn out a part of my knee! Too many lunges, squats and movements side to side probably caused this tear in the meniscus. But who really knows?

Honestly I am very anxious about this, I don’t want to be stuck in bed and in pain. I am not a trooper and my threshold for pain is low. Embarrassing but true!

However, I will persevere there are much worse things happening in this world than this. So this is the last of the complaining. I will look at this situation as just another adventure. A way to start the year fresh and to feel strong and healthy. I have no excuse other than to get well as quickly as possible and get back to life!

I really do appreciate your prayers and well wishes! It really does help a great deal! It’s like sending a get well card with no stamp and very little effort!

Bye for now, I hope you are thinking of adventures that you would like to share on the blog while I am convalescing!


PS – Just through April, we already have Seattle, San Diego, Spring Training in Arizona and I am speaking at WITS (Women in Travel Summit) in Milwaukee, WI in April! What have you got planned?

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16 thoughts on “Update: The Midlife Knee Surgery is Today :-)”

  1. This is also a consideration to repair tears in ligaments and tendons. It’s called ‘Prolotherapy’. It allows the body to regenerate tissue, repair the injury and grow new collagen. I’ve had it done on the lower back ligament (I tore it pushing heavy furniture – ugh!) that holds the SI joint to the pelvis. It has been a miracle as far as pain reduction and actual repair. Just wanted to pass along info to you in case your other knee needs attention. Less invasive than surgery. All the best to you and a speedy recovery!


  2. You will be up in no time! Take it easy, read some books, try out some new recipes and just enjoy your beautiful home! Keep us posted on your recovery. Love you!

  3. Suzanne, I wish you a speedy recovery! Not sure if you remember, but I had my first knee surgery in high school (torn cartilage), had ACL about 8 years after a full tear playing tennis, and currently have small meniscus damage in both knees just cuz!!! Sooo…morale of the story, you don’t have to be “midlife” to have knee troubles, but we definitely are hard on them! You’ll do great and will truly feel so much better after. But just know you will always need to be kinder to your knees from now on, they will want your love ❤

  4. Speedy recovery – I’m seeing a knee specialist next week but planning on traveling to Nee England at the end of the month. The adventure continues!

  5. Suzanne, apologies for being a couple days late. I’m sure your surgery went perfect, and you’re watching the Golden Globes with a ice therapy machine on your knee 🙂 I have my surgery on Thursday morning, and I too am a little anxious. I hope your husband takes great care of you, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Don’t try to do too much too fast, those are words spoken from someone who tries to rush every recovery.

  6. I did the torn meniscus surgery 3 weeks ago. No big deal at all. I took 0 pain pills- never used the crutches they sent me home with. Walked 4 miles 5 days later? (although I guess I wasnt supposed to).


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