When is the best time to visit Napa Valley?

 The answer is: Any time of year is the best time of year to visit Napa Valley.

We love to visit Napa Valley during all seasons. We can enjoy the hot, blistering heat of August or the perfect 75 degree days we experienced in early June. So don’t ask me to choose when is the best time to visit, I love them all. Every season is delightful and offers it’s own unique qualities. In Napa there are clear blue skies and a dusty silence that enhances the warm sunshine.  Napa in the early summer offers the promise of a new crop of chubby green grapes, bright chartreuse leaves and temperate outdoor wine tasting.  I love the change of scenery because the vibrant agricultural landscape is vastly different than my suburban beach town.  I love the peaceful quiet and soft, constant breeze. 

In the Fall the leaves change color, there are pumpkins on the porch and Napa Valley is bustling with anticipation and preparation for the harvest.  We have also visited in November when Christmas and twinkle lights are just around the corner.  Pack your bags, there is a season for everyone in Napa.


These are just a few of my favorite photos of our recent trip to Napa in early June.



Duckhorn Vineyards Napa Valley
Duckhorn Vineyards


At Duckhorn, for our wine tasting appointment, we sat on the wrap around porch of the charming estate house, with a view of the expansive vineyards.  We were offered a delicious tasting of the wines while the wine educator explained everything we needed to know. What a relaxing way to learn as we enjoyed the exceptional wines and amazing views.


The lovely view from the porch of the Duckhorn estate house.



green grapes on the vine, Napa Valley
Beautiful green grapes on the vine.


clusters of green grapes on the vine
Clusters of juicy green grapes – not ready for picking


A lovely view of the Nap Valley from a country road.
A lovely view of the valley from a country road.


A view of Napa Valley
Another splendid view of the valley


One of our favorite places to visit while in Napa Valley is The Culinary Institute at Greystone.  It is one of the world’s most unique and inspiring campuses for culinary education. We have had the privilege of standing at an observation window and viewing a cooking class in session and have dined in the awarding winning restaurant. Next on my list is to enroll in a series of classes. What an adventure! I love love love this place! Every time we visit, we experience something new and fabulous. The building is so grand and architecturally magnificent, we could easily wander about for hours.


The Culinary Institute of American at Greystone
A view of The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone from the gardens


A kitchen garden at Greystone
One of the kitchen gardens at Greystone



Flowering artichoke
Beautiful artichokes growing in the garden


In addition to Duckhorn Vineyards, we also enjoyed a wine tasting at Paraduxx which is located a few miles down the road. They invited us to sit and relax in casual adirondack chairs, tasting the wine with glorious views of the vineyards.


Our delicious wine tasting at Paraduxx


Napa Valley, wine tasting
Craig and I enjoying the tasting at Paraduxx


Our last stop of the day was a personal tour at Quintessa. This unique vineyard is comprised of over 280 acres of breathtaking terrain that includes a valley, a lake, a river; five hills, four microclimates, and many soil types, as well as rich flora and fauna.  Quintessa farms with sustainable practices that maintain harmony with the soil, vegetation and animal life.  When planning your trip, you must make an appointment for a wine tasting at these vineyards.


A view of vineyards and a lake, Napa Valley
Walking the vineyards of Quintessa, a magnificent property


A grove of oak trees
An oak grove on the Quintessa Estate.


Two glasses of white wine and a view of the vineyards
We were given a personal tour and stopped to taste “Illumination” and enjoy the view


If you enjoy food, wine, outdoor activities, shopping, or relaxing… you can visit the Visit Napa Valley website to start planning your trip to the phenominal Napa Valley. If you would like to learn more about my favorites, please email me at suzannestavert@me.com

A Napa Valley adventure is just around the corner!





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30 thoughts on “When is the best time to visit Napa Valley?”

  1. You’ve chosen to highlight some nice places. I’m not as much a Napa fan as I am Sonoma, but easy access is one of the benefits of living in the Bay area. We do tend toward spring and fall, especially fall harvest season.

    • Carol you are so fortunate to be so close to the wine country. We could write for days all about the amazing wineries in Sonoma and in Napa. There are so many to enjoy!

  2. Wow! I was born and raised in California, and with all of our travels in the state, this is the one area we haven’t been. After reading your post, we think it’s high time we went. Did I mention WOW?! – Veronica

    • Thank you Veronica! When you make it back to California, you should add Napa to your list of destinations! Thank you for reading and commenting!

    • Thank you Tam! It was so difficult to eliminate all of the photos down to this group! Napa is the very best subject to photograph! Thank you for reading and for your compliment!

  3. Gosh – It looks as though you could be Europe from your stunning photographs –
    The wine tasting system looks very precise, is that with a marking card?
    Sensible if it is – whenever I go wine tasting it tends to be a more ad hoc and I’m left saying, now which one was it that I said – Yum! That’s the one?!! 😉

    • Linda, each one of the wines had a corresponding printed card that noted all of its characteristics which you could take with you! They were very attractive and looked much like the wine labels on one side. I still don’t remember half of what I have been told, but eventually I will improve my wine tasting skills! It will be fun to try!

  4. Lovely photographs, Suzanne.

    I had the pleasure of exploring Napa, Sonoma, and Lodi back in Oct. Would love to return and resume the tasting!

    Thanks for showing us how artichokes grow. Have never seen them or growing.

    • On our third trip I tried to get my husband to look at houses! He is more of a city-guy, so a visit is all I will be allowed to do… But I will come stay with you in your bungalow! LOL!

  5. We drove up to the Napa Valley after a San Francisco conference one year. Your photos have captured what a truly beautiful place it is—-even if a person is not an oenophile.

  6. Suzanne – Thank you for the kind words. You are absolutely correct, even if you don’t drink wine there is a myriad of things to do and enjoy in the wine country.

  7. What a gorgeous place and I can certainly understand why you love the Napa valley after seeing your beautiful photos! I think it would be very enjoyable to visit the valley at different times of the year and watch the colors and plants change with the seasons.

  8. You’ve convinced me that this is a place I MUST visit. It’s so good to know that it’s a good place to visit anytime of the year. I love the photos of the gardens and the one of you with your husband is priceless!


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