Delicious Southern Food & The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Three words. Ouita is delightful. For those who may not know Ouita, this newest episode in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Series is an excellent introduction! Anyone you ask about Ouita says the same thing. “She is amazing! Lovely and delightful!” However, just because she is super lovely doesn’t mean she isn’t uber-talented – Oh, she …

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Hidden Gems in Kentucky and Other Compelling Stories

Welcome to the second episode devoted to Kentucky and The Kentucky Bourbon Trail. You could say that out of my friendship with my next guest, the idea of this Kentucky Series was created. Heather Sunseri was a part of my audience for my blog Adventures of Empty Nesters, and back in 2019, she learned I …

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Come Travel the World with Lifetime TV Host, Scott Eddy

Come travel the world with us today! Are you looking to find adventure? You, my friend, are in the right place for an exhilarating 34 minutes!  My travel philosophy? Say yes and figure out the rest. I always encourage everyone I talk with to find adventure, and no one exemplifies this philosophy better than my …

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The Delicious World of Washington Wines With Andrew Januik

I am a wine lover, and my wine education and favorites have grown since our kids left the nest. When our children were young, there was little time to indulge in learning about wines, so we chose as best we could and primarily drank wines from California. We lived in California until two years ago …

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A Visit to Camano Island, Washington: An Artists’ Studio Tour

A Visit to Camano Island I started this podcast with the dream of talking about and focusing on the connections we make when we travel. Nothing exemplifies this idea more than my trip to Camano Island, Washington.   I was invited to explore the island and attend the 23rd Annual Studio Tour by the Whidbey & …

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Travel Connections Podcast News & A Virtual Maui Vacation

A No Vacation, Maui Vacation This episode is a fun one. It’s not too long and will provide you with some very unique travel ideas you can use right from your own living room.  I share a couple of podcast episode reminders. Have you had a chance to listen to my interview with Linda Miller …

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Midwest Destinations That Will Make You Smile with Sara Broers

Well, we have another fantastic episode for you! Today, I will introduce you to my friend, author, and fellow travel writer, Sara Broers. I promise you will learn about places you have never heard of and you will love it! But first, let me tell you a little about Sara. She went from Iowa Mommy …

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Equestrian Travel, Active Travel & Praise for Podcasting

Let’s talk about equestrian travel and a lot more! Not only do we plan to ride over and talk about equestrian travel, but today is a first for Travel Connections! We have a repeat guest! Laura Fernandez first came on the show during the podcast’s launch back in Episode #5. We have asked her back …

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