It’s Fun to Let Your Hair Down & Be a Tourist (Sometimes)

be a tourist
At Seattle’s Space Needle on the open air observation deck, the glass benches are angled and made you look like you were falling backwards. (At least we thought it did!) The views are spectacular!

It’s ok to just be a tourist

As travelers, it can be a struggle to decide when to just fit in to the landscape, enjoy the surroundings, soak up the local culture and take in what this new city has to offer. However, sometimes it is FUN to take that selfie on the famous bridge and be a tourist. Heck everybody else is! Right?

When I was in Prague last summer the crowds on the famous Charles Bridge were so large that you literally had to jump in the stream of fellow tourists and swim upstream. People were everywhere. They stop in the middle in order to take just the right photo, they bump into you, they are (mostly) clueless. When facing a situation like this, you have to take a deep breath and forge forward.

Fun times in Seattle

be a tourist at the Space Needle
My friends, Debbie, Karin & Barbara


While on our recent girls trip to Seattle, the four of us encountered an unexpected adventure while touring the Space Needle. The Space Needle has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation where they have added a gorgeous glass observation deck which makes it so much easier to take photos. It is an incredible opportunity!

be a tourist
How fun is this statistic?
be a tourist
Part of the interactive social media area


There are well marked spots located around the circumference where free of charge you can have your picture taken by a camera on a timer. There is an interactive digital social media section inside where they post these photos as well. One by one we just started indulging in creative photos trying to capture the moment, as well as the best view, with the best light. At times we were silly and at times we were not. We were absolutely unapologetically having a blast.

be a tourist
It is a looooong way down (520 feet)! This is called The Loupe – “The view will floor you, literally. Step out onto the world’s first revolving glass floor with Seattle at your feet.” Thank you Space Needle!


But what we discussed afterward was how we all embraced being a tourist for that short moment in time. We let our hair down so to speak. We also agreed that our husbands would never have done everything that we did. We were not embarrassed to be a tourist and were taking full advantage of an excellent local attraction in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Check out some of our silliness and the spectacular views!

If you lay down on the glass floor (which is especially difficult if you are acrophobic – me!) you can play like you are falling and your hair gets crazy!

be a tourist
Debbie, Barbara and Karin, getting ready to take these selfies and before they convinced me to walk over! Debbie held my hand.
be a tourist
Barbara – Her photo is more fun this way!


be a tourist
Karin too!


be a tourist
Debbie’s is so fun too!
Yours truly was truly terrified!


At this spot we tried all kinds of loony positions – But a great time was had by all!


Our girls trip to Seattle was filled with delightful and delicious adventures. For your next trip to Seattle you must check out this post – A Girls Trip to Seattle – My Favorite Itinerary Can Now Be Yours!

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