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Travel News for Spring

Spring is in full bloom in the Northwest. Blue skies, tulips popping up, and wild daffodils sprouting everywhere. It feels good!

I decided to write a short “newsy” letter to all of you, catching you up and keeping you in the loop. I don’t know about you, but social media can be exhausting and frustrating, and I never seem to see what I am looking for. Frankly, I am too busy to go searching, but I would love to learn about new things from inside my inbox and not have them disappear (like an Instagram Story) in 24 hours! So here we go!

Travel in a nutshell

Our travel season has already begun with several fun long weekends! However, 2024 is more spread out (at least at the beginning of the year!) I am trying to avoid overloading every month with multiple trips. Last year almost killed me! However, once June rolls in, we are off and traveling to some pretty spectacular places! I can’t wait to share it with you!

travel news

In January, we visited Nashville and saw Elvis Costello at the Ryman—AMAZING. We also enjoyed some great dinners, but not much sightseeing…the weather was quite cold. We continue to visit one of our favorite local weekend retreats – Whidbey Island! We love Whidbey so much that I have truly embraced my travel connections. I recently interviewed Aurora Echo, an impressive powerhouse of a woman who created Wildly Beloved Foods, where she makes pasta using only organic ingredients and Italian flour. Listen===> HERE

At the tail end of the Nashville trip, we went to Pasadena to visit family! Always a treat! As spring approached we then headed for warmer temperatures in Arizona. Our road trip to Arizona was so fantastic that I decided to create a special podcast episode so I could share this incredible itinerary! The trip included a Dodger home game and Spring Training, new restaurants, a new hotel, and we finished with three days in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Absolutely epic.

That episode comes out on Friday, April 12th, and you can find the Episode Summary here!

What I am loving!

I continue to read a great number of books each month and just finished this charming and thoughtful travel memoir by Angela Correll. The book is called Restored in Tuscany. Her story of loss and personal renewal, coupled with a renovation in Tuscany, checks all of my interest boxes~ Her book is so compelling I asked her to come on Travel Connections and talk about the book.

Did you know that I have an online photography store? You can purchase prints, create notecards, notebooks, iPhone cases, and many other things with my images. Come check it out at the Fine Art America link below.

Restored in Tuscany by Angela Correll – My Amazon Store
Tulip Photography/Mother’s Day Ideas – Fine Art America


Decorating for Easter was so much fun this year. Our twin grandchildren are at the perfect age to enjoy every single detail. This year, Craig bought enormous rainbow-colored eggs to hide little toys and stickers inside. The weather was spectacular, and we all had a blast.

What’s up next

A Trip Back to Skagit Valley, WA

I try to visit Skagit Valley for the tulip festival every April and I wonder if you have been as well? Also, we will be traveling to Newport Beach, California, for some baby and birthday celebrations with old friends. I am looking forward to some great weather and happy merrymaking!

My first trip to Alaska!

Can I get a woo-hoo for this? It will be state #44 and my very first ocean cruise. We are traveling on Celebrity Edge, where the interiors were designed by Nate Berkus. My friends Ann and Steve Teget from Postcard Jar organized the group and guess who is coming with me? My grown-up daughter Alex! Her fantastic husband is taking care of the twins for the week and she and I will be staying on the Spa level of the ship and have planned many excursions to enjoy together. This is what the cruise looks like ===> Here!

More details about the cruise in the next newsy letter!

Between my podcast, travel, family news, and adventures, there is a lot happening! If you have questions or want more details about a trip or information I shared, just let me know in the comments or email me at suzannestavert@me.com





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