Spring Travel News, Favorite Bits & Bites

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Travel News for Spring

Spring is in full bloom in the Northwest. Blue skies, tulips popping up, and wild daffodils sprouting everywhere. It feels good!

I decided to write a short “newsy” letter to all of you, catching you up and keeping you in the loop. I don’t know about you, but social media can be exhausting and frustrating, and I never seem to see what I am looking for. Frankly, I am too busy to go searching, but I would love to learn about new things from inside my inbox and not have them disappear (like an Instagram Story) in 24 hours! So here we go!

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We Made the List! ~ Top Baby Boomer Travel Blogs 2017


top baby boomer blogs

We were honored to be named one of the Top Baby Boomer Travel Blogs! Thank you Southwest Discoveries!

Southwest Discoveries

Last year we were thrilled to be on their list for the Top Senior Adventurers. Southwest Discoveries offers unique itineraries, with expert guides for some fabulous tours of the Southwest. If you have a sense of adventure, want to break a little further away from your comfort zone and be enriched and awed by extraordinary places, these trips are designed for you.

Mitch Stevens, founder and lead guide from Southwest Discoveries shares,”In 2016 we decided to separate the wheat from the chaff and give you the absolute cream of the crop in our blog post entitled the Top Travel Blogs For Senior Adventures. In that post, we rounded up 50 Awesome Senior Adventures Travel Blogs that we felt you should be following. These blogs will transport you to fascinating and beautiful places and provide tools, tips, and techniques to help you get the most out of your travel.”

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