The Parenting Wisdom of an “Older” Mom

  Yes, I went and did it, I used he “O” word. No, not “Oprah”…“Old”. Old seems like it would be a derogatory description, but honestly it doesn’t have to be, it can be a badge of honor. Parenting wisdom is attained through maturation, trial and error and countless other components. It is staggering what important parental …

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It’s Called the Empty Nest and it is a Syndrome

Please welcome our newest Guest Adventurer! Cinthia Milner  Horticulturist, Writer, Believer Cinthia is a trained horticulturist who works as a garden coach, speaker, educator and writer at a local, independent garden center in Asheville, NC. She writes for magazines, and newspapers but enjoys her blog writing the most at, where she writes about the …

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Let’s Talk Technology

Technology is like aging, you can try to out run it, but sooner or later you have to embrace it. Are we slaves to technology? Yes, I think many of us are and some of us won’t admit it either. I have a handful of friends who do not have Facebook accounts and don’t engage …

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Don’t worry about your children leaving for college, they’ll be fine!

As an alumni and parent of an undergraduate at UCLA, I was thrilled to be featured in the UCLA Parents and Family Program’s Bruinlink, the newsletter for the parents of new Bruins. Your student’s next chapter in life has officially begun, so what does that mean for you? The transition from high school to college doesn’t only take a …

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Mother’s Day is grateful day for me

  For me, Mother’s Day is grateful day. No job on earth is better than being the mother of my princess and my prince. No joy is greater than the love of your child. All of our children cannot have any idea what it is like to be a parent and could not begin to …

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The Sound of Silence in the Empty Nest

It sometimes may seem like life is full of fun and games in the Empty Nest and for a good majority of time it can be. However, in between the cocktails, weekend trips and the overall freedom, there is silence.When the kids go off to school the dynamics in the household obviously change, but the …

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