Exciting Brand New Empty Nester Adventures in Montana

Adventures in Montana

So Many Adventures in Montana!

Adventures in Montana can come in all shapes and sizes. It is a place of great beauty, outdoor activities, lots of meat-eating, wild animals and tons of fun. Our friends were excited to show us “their Montana” and create a once in a lifetime first experience. They accomplished their goal with flying colors.

We traveled as a foursome with our longtime friends, Troy and Brad, who were accomplished fisherman and knew how to have fun. Craig was already a camper and he has fished and shot guns before we traveled to Montana. Although he hasn’t participated since his teens, he was still familiar with what was going to happen. However, my experience with fly fishing, shooting (any type of gun), off roading and horses was just about nil.

Princess Suzanne was in for a new awakening, a HUGE new Montana adventure and I was embracing it. I think all three guys were pretty impressed and amazed that I didn’t complain and just stepped up to try all of these new activities. I even peed in the woods…twice!

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A Montana Adventure ~ A Vacation with Longtime Friends

Visit Montana
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A trip to Montana with “old” friends ~

We have a small handful of very good friends from high school that have moved to Montana. I don’t like to use the word “old” friends because this is a young bunch of fifty year old people! They have left So Cal for good and started businesses or have found a haven from the hustle of LA. Either way they live there for all or part of the year and are truly enjoying it!

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