What’s newsworthy? Links to articles this week we found intriguing!


spring flowers in New York city, links to articles
Spring in New York City

Family links to articles ~

We are a family that shares links we find in the news. All six of us have many of the same interests and no one has the time to scour the web to find everything. Nick’s girlfriend Kylie is always on top of the newest and coolest restaurant news. Alex and Nick are especially good at finding super cool info, that I have never heard of. Brent and Craig pass on business and sports news.

My interests lie in a variety of subjects like home design, travel, recipes, fashion and newly published books. We typically text each other on our family group text, but for today’s post that wouldn’t quite work for you and me, would it?

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Saturday Morning News – Links We Enjoy

Saturday Morning News


Saturday Morning News – We round up interesting articles we find on the web from a variety of sources. This week’s links are a family affair. Both Alex and Craig sent me news they found interesting!

Goal Setting – Have you ever heard of the Seinfeld Theory? January is goal setting month and there are some fascinating tips in this article ~  http://jamesclear.com/goal-setting

From USA Today ~ Study says that Americans get their second wind at age 56! I am liking this idea! #findadventure! 

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What’s in the News? My Saturday Round-up List

whats in the news - Snow in Seattle
Just look at Seattle covered in snow – It doesn’t happen often! Photo: Alex Stavert


What’s in the news? Focusing on the happy part of the news here!

We are inching our way closer to Christmas. How does it feel? It feels good. I love the lights on the houses of our tree lined street, I love planning our gift list, I love “Best of” lists, I guess I love me a good list!

I collected a “list” of a few articles from the news this week that I found quite interesting. You won’t find politics on Adventures of Empty Nesters, I will leave that task for other people.

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