The Adventure Continues: Finding Joy Wherever We Can

finding joy

Finding Joy in the Everyday.

Life as we have always known it is not the same, and we will never forget 2020. That is the understatement of the year, right? Most people want to forget 2020, but I refuse to do that, especially since our twin grandchildren, James & Josephine, were born this year! Something else is happening very soon and will bring our family great joy as well, but I am keeping it on the down-low for now. 

How do we find joy in our lives? Today, it is so much harder! Isn’t it?

Finding joy is much like writing in a gratitude journal. We need to be observant and mindful. We need to ask ourselves: What are we grateful for? How about writing that down? What brings us joy? Go ahead, and please write it down. Save that list for when life disappoints and frustrates us. We have had a year of disappointments, haven’t we? As a travel writer, my business life was shocked to the core and my joy of travel was put on hiatus because of COVID. It was interesting for me to go back to March 2020 and reread this prior post about Joy: What Brings You Joy During the Corona Virus Pandemic?

As I reread my thoughts from just a few months ago, I remember those feelings vividly. Everything was just beginning and I had no idea where we were all headed with the COVID quarantine, the political unrest, the riots. It’s all exhausting. Are you tired all the time too? We must surge forward and think positive, otherwise, the negativity can be paralyzing.

I still believe it is the simple things in life that bring joy. No amount of money can buy it.

finding joy
James & Josephine

I had to wait through most of the COVID crisis for our twin grandchildren to be born. However, they give me more joy than I knew possible. Now that I live so close (!) once during the week I go over to their house and help out early in the morning so that the new parents can get some sleep. I trade off holding James and Josephine, sitting in silence, listening to them coo as they sleep, and count my many blessings. 

I have shared my joy of being a new grandma with photos of the babies all over social media, spreading happiness and sunshine when I can. I love to see new babies on Facebook and Instagram, don’t you? I now understand what these grandmas and grandpas are experiencing! As a mother, I remember all of those feelings too. My friends and readers are finding joy in our happy family time too. We all need hope and optimism and to bring back the most joyful feelings of holding a newborn. Who doesn’t love that?

Here are just a few things that make me happy and joyful…

finding joy
Finding joy on a walk in our new city of Kirkland, WA

Hanging out with Craig

Hugging my children and now grandchildren!

Hugging my friend ( I long for this!)

Taking long walks with Rocco

Someone smiling back (Use your eyes behind the mask)

To know you made someone’s day

A thoughtful gesture

A phone call from my kids (especially when they have a story to tell)

Rocco curling up next to my feet as I type

The smell of the ocean (or now the pine trees in the PNW)

Beautiful flowers, any season of the year

The sound of laughter – always a mood lifter!

Exercising outside – even in the rain

Cooking a delicious meal

Watching someone enjoy my cooking

Travel (We leave soon for a short trip!)

Reading a fantastic book- Aren’t they the best!

Sitting on the deck with an adult beverage (a 2020 necessity!) 

Finding just the right gift for someone

Binging on a new and fabulous Netflix series

Our new Sonos sound system

Surprising someone

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

finding joy
Mmm chocolate cake & chocolate frosting

We must be proactive, seek personal joy, and not rely on others to make us happy. It is not up to my friends, my children, or my husband, to make me happy. I (we) need to find it from within. Look for it. Find it. Seek it. Create adventures.

While having more time on my hands since March, I searched for joy, and I found Ingrid Fetell Lee, who created The I am thoroughly enjoying her creativity, philosophies, and enthusiasm for life. I discovered her and her book at just the right time. You will love her too.

finding joy
Rocco always brings me joy!

I am a joy seeker. Are you?

I hope you find more joy in your life than you can imagine!

Can you add to my list?


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finding joy

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  1. Just wait for those baby giggles to bring you JOY! They are the best!
    Showing my appreciation to others brings me JOY! Hope they see it in my eyes when I do curbside, drive up, pick up!!


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