Travel Tips for Everyone: How to Eat Everything and Still Stay Fit

how to eat everything and still stay fit
Sitting at the head of the table at a farm to table feast in Oahu

How to Eat Everything and Still Stay Fit When You Travel

Well, first of all this is a TALL order. Second of all, it takes some work. Third of all, nobody’s perfect, especially me.

I think there is a misunderstanding that when someone sees a post of an amazing restaurant dish or fabulous handcrafted cocktail, they assume that we eat this way all the time. No, not true at all. By the same token when we post happy things on Facebook all the time it implies that our lives are perfect! Nope, not true either! Read on my friend…

People need to consider that on social media we share the fun stuff, the interesting goodies that happen to us on a daily basis, our travel plans and empty nest stories. At least that is what I do. On the contrary, I don’t share the day-to-day struggles that everyone has. Who wants to read that? You won’t see me post anything about politics either, however there are plenty of times that I want to comment so badly.

It is so not worth it. The political climate is so super charged with emotion and anger, I don’t want to go anywhere near it. That’s not my job here on the blog. Happiness in the empty nest, fantastic travel destinations, great travel products, traveler tips, cooking classes, luxury hotels, – this is my wheelhouse. I will stay right here.

I may sound a little sassy, but I am asked this question a lot: How do you eat all that and still stay fit?

how to eat everything and still stay fit
On the beach in Waikiki

Here we go! How to eat everything and still stay fit!

  • Eat bites of things, NOT THE WHOLE THING
  • small portions
  • share meals
  • eat two meals a day
  • walk, walk, walk and/or go to the hotel gym
  • take the stairs
  • park the car far away and walk
  • take your vitamins (I take organic whole food supplements)
  • drink lots of water
  • drink a fiber drink (it also keeps you regular)
  • GET A DOG – I have to walk Rocco 3 miles a day rain or shine
  • When you aren’t traveling, watch your diet, eat lots of fruits and veggies – more exercise 🙂
  • Just because food is delicious, doesn’t necessarily mean it is fattening (like a Caprese Salad)
How to eat everything and still stay fit
Rocco helps keep me fit.

how to eat everything and still stay fit

I love food. I love chefs. I love restaurants. I love food photography. I love fun cocktails. I love prosecco. I am not planning to give these up so moderation is the ticket. Plan ahead. Use willpower.

how to eat everything and still stay fit
A frozen acaí bowl with fresh fruit is a great light lunch

Plan the whole days calorie consumption in your head each day. Where are you going today? Is there a special food you want to try on today’s adventure? If your lunch meal is on the large side, like having pizza at a local pizzeria, then perhaps tonight is the night to share an entrée or eat a salad?

Were you sitting by the pool or did you walk for miles all around the city? Self awareness is so important and we all need to take control and be responsible for our own actions.

Honestly, if we don’t have our health, we will never be able to take those amazing adventures!

How to eat everything and still stay fit
This glorious, juicy Caprese Salad with yellow tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar looks too good to healthy for you.


I plan to travel as long as I can, to find adventure in the empty nest and to inspire others to join me. Are you with me?

Do you have any tips you can add to the list above?

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14 thoughts on “Travel Tips for Everyone: How to Eat Everything and Still Stay Fit”

  1. I get asked this all the time, too. We are currently reviewing 20 barbecue restaurants in Memphis which can add on the calories real quick. So the hubby and I normally order an appetizer, split a combo meal, eat a sampling, then take the rest home.

    • Thanks Maria – I think I need to amend this and say that I also stay healthy because I take Touchstone Essentials organic whole food supplements! They are amazing! We are never sick, even with all of the travel we do.

  2. When traveling we try to ‘eat local’ which tends to be fresher and more veggie/seafood oriented-what with my island travel of late. In the states I try to do fruits and veggies for breakfast lunch and save my calories for dinner!! we tend to snack less on vacation which helps. We walk a lot also-a fun way to see the locale.
    And please, don’t stop posting such beautiful food, glamorous locations and happy thoughts!! The works needs way more of these!!

    • Dear Laura – thank you for the tips – eating locale and buying food from local farmer’s markets is a great way to keep the calories down. I won’t stop – life is too delicious to not share it with other!

  3. Hi Suzanne! I agree completely with your suggestions. Of course, I’ve found that at my age I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to (and thankfully don’t want to) so that helps. Fortunately Thom and I enjoy most of the same types of food so we share practically everything. We also find that when we travel we WALK EVERYWHERE and that really helps to keep the pounds off. And at home having a dog is my MUST DO EXERCISE just like you. Thanks for these great reminders. ~Kathy

  4. Great post!! The daily struggles are real and how wonderful that you share all the fun things to keep our minds thinking positive thoughts!!
    Love ya

  5. Hey Suzanne,

    I am sharing this article far and wide….even in my Newsletter (Giving you full credit, of course!).

    My addition to this thread is that overeating typically happens when we feel uncomfortable at a causal level, somewhere in our own emotional discomfort inside. (Okay, hope I haven’t lost all of you, here)

    Simply, quiet time in the morning and at night (15 minutes of breathing or meditation) to just be gentle with yourself, let whatever needs to surface and JUST BE WITH IT – creates a space of well-being and magically we don’t need to mess with those emotions by covering them up with TOO MUCH FOOD.

    I’m telling you it works!

    So, when I am on the road, (breathe, breathe, breathe alone).

    Love you to the moon and back, Linda

  6. I’m far from an empty nest, but want to be healthy & fit when my husband and I can travel! We were recently talking how we no longer want to “live longer” but rather want to enjoy good health in the years allotted to us. This means upping the fruits and veggies 10x now… 🙂 Thanks for the encouraging post!


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