How Can We Emerge From Stay at Home, Better Than Ever?

 emerge from stay at home

How can we emerge from Stay At Home in the best possible way?

We don’t have the green light yet, but we should start thinking ahead. How can we emerge from the Stay at Home order? That is up to us. The financial hardships are devasting for everyone, but we need to persevere; there is no choice! Will we be stronger? More thoughtful? Introspective. Yes, I think all of these will be good descriptions.

I plan to focus intently on the process and route that I take from this recent lifestyle roadblock, ready for new adventures, and a lot more focused on the right things. 

This past six weeks (Which feels much longer, right?) has been full of highs and lows. Everyone is trying to see where they fit and what feels right. Some people have turned to art, others to writing, reading, and cooking. Meanwhile, we are walking our poor dogs to death!

Rocco has been a life-saver for us.

My personal experience

I find that people are more kind, thoughtful, and reaching out more now than they ever have before. We have more time! Do you find this? As far as social media goes, I vacillate between what I find relevant and what I find interesting. Sometimes I just walk away from it. However, there are plenty of people trying to make a difference to others and for that I am grateful

We have had a lot of rain here in Southern California, which has brought my mood down a bit too. I so appreciate a sunshiny day way more than I have in a while.

My beloved travel industry is at a standstill. Many in other industries have lost jobs or have had income reduced. Currently, travel brands are in a holding pattern waiting for the next steps. My heart breaks for the restaurant industry and the vast numbers of small businesses as well. As for the virus, I am fortunate to personally know two people who have had it and are fully recovered.

But my friends, we will travel again. If I am optimistic, we will emerge from this sequestered state better than before and certainly more durable. This perspective is the only healthy way to look at “Stay at Home.” Are you prepared to reenter? I am getting there and want to encourage you to do the same. Let us not look back and say to ourselves, “Should I have been better prepared?”

The Stay at Home mandate and Coronavirus situation offer all of us a free re-set button. We can alter how we think about anything we want. Something that seemed important a month or six weeks ago may have lost its luster. Do you agree? Are you letting your thoughts move you forward? Or are you having a tough time?

There are large and small obstacles in our way, but we can create an alternative path, can’t we? I know we can.

I plan to be more even more energetic than I was before, and ready for what can happen next.

To be clear, everyone has to move forward in a way that feels good to them. Should we shame someone because they felt paralyzed during this time at home? Absolutely not. Eventually, though, we do have to step outside metaphorically and literally, and we should be ready. 

When we emerge from Stay at Home – What will be different?

How can we zero in on what is important to us now? Have your priorities changed? Like me, have you realized how we operated in the fast lane, not stopping nearly enough to get together with friends and family?

Before the Stay at Home policy was introduced, Craig and I were continually on the go, packing, and repacking for our next adventure. Our sweet Rocco was at the dog sitter, A LOT. By staying home way more than I normally do, I appreciate my happy, renovated empty nest so much. I have taken the time to care for it more intentionally instead of being on autopilot.

I am looking on the bright side of this enormous challenge because we need to! I want to get back out there and enjoy what travel does for my soul. Don’t you? To support destinations close and far away that have been devasted financially by the crisis.

What are your plans? Have you given it thought? Made a list? Changed direction? Pivot anyone?

I would love to hear your thoughts. We have to start somewhere!

Take care. We are almost there!


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2 thoughts on “How Can We Emerge From Stay at Home, Better Than Ever?”

  1. Suzanne,
    What a great, encouraging post! I keep hearing everyone talking about how this period has helped everyone get off the treadmill and slow down. And like you, I hope to carry that mindset into the “re-entry.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart!
    xoxo Suzy

    • Thanks so much Suzy. I just want to encourage everyone to make some plans and get ready to emerge when the time is right.


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