Adventures in Seattle: The city that kidnapped our daughter

In 2006 our lovely daughter and oldest child, left for college 1,000 miles away to the home of The Space Needle, Amazon, Grey’s Anatomy, and the world famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. A spectacular view of Downtown Seattle from Alki Beach  That conniving city kidnapped her, kept her superbly happy and did not encourage her to return home. Alex spent four …

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A Halfway Empty Nester’s Adventure

This post is written by a first time Guest Adventurer, Kim Moeller. Kim is a college friend and sorority sister of mine from UCLA. Kim has created a new term: Halfway Empty Nester It’s a great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to post on Suzanne’s very inspirational blog.  Suzanne and I go back …

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The Sound of Silence in the Empty Nest

It sometimes may seem like life is full of fun and games in the Empty Nest and for a good majority of time it can be. However, in between the cocktails, weekend trips and the overall freedom, there is silence.When the kids go off to school the dynamics in the household obviously change, but the …

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Empty Nesting 101

I feel like an empty nester veteran as I comfortably settle in to my fifth year.  I have twin daughters: one who always wanted to go east, the other who was looking forward to her college years as a Bruin just like my husband and me. The summer before their senior year in high school …

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Learn How to Hit the Curve

When our son left for U of AZ, it was both sad and a relief. We had struggled with his attitude for the last two years of high school and welcomed our newfound freedom. However, after a month at UofA, our son contracted mononucleosis. Since he hadn’t been sick more than a few days his …

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