My Newest Adventure: Discovering Simply Real Health

Simply Real Health Don’t you just love it when you come across something fantastic and you are certain it will delight virtually every person you know? Me too! For quite some time I have been happily following Sarah Adler who created Simply Real Health “A company on a mission to teach people how to live a healthy life, made …

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A New Adventure! I became a spokesperson for Hospice Talk

I am always on the lookout for an interesting new empty nester adventure! Sometimes these exciting new experiences can emerge from the most unusual places. What I have learned at the fabulous age of midlife is… Don’t immediately say no! Listen carefully to what is presented to you and seriously consider participating if it sounds intriguing! Midlife is the …

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Empty Nest Downsize Update: A walk in the Lower Arroyo Seco Natural Park

While exploring our new neighborhood on our daily walk, we have found some beautiful places to enjoy nature. Our recent move and downsize to a smaller, much older home is now described as our “rightsize” move. Our new city, Pasadena, is 75 miles miles away from the beach community where we lived for 23 years and it has …

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How One Defining Moment Can Change Your Life!

September is a great time for a fresh start. Even though I don’t have kids at home now, September and Back to School has always signified “new beginnings” for me. Over the past three weeks, Kim Acedo, a virtual health and wellness coach, has been sharing her inspiring ideas about how we can reinvent our health. …

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Count Your Blessings – An Empty Nester’s unexpected health journey

Since creating Adventures of Empty Nesters, I have had the very good fortune of connecting with some extraordinary and talented people. They all possess huge hearts, inquisitive minds and adventurous spirits. I met the author of this post, Tam, through her fantastic travel blog, Travels with Tam. Her “adventures” and travels are out of this world! …

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