How to Create Your Own Virtual Vacation – Maui Style!

multi-colored sunset in Maui
A Maui sunset will dazzle you daily!

A Virtual Vacation? What is that?

Imagine the cold-sweet sip of a tropical Mai Tai, Seared Ahi Tuna with Vegetable Fried Rice, and a mound of ice cream covered in chocolate fudge in a decadent slice of Hula Pie. Yes, please! Tell me more. This delicious list is just the beginning of an authentic and tasty Maui Style vacation you can create at home.

The COVID 19 pandemic has all but ruined our travel calendar and certainly curtailed any type of air travel over the blue Pacific. Many people have underlying health conditions that prevent any possibility of travel no matter what is happening in the world. Maybe a Maui vacation is not in the budget at all?

Well, my non-traveling friends, I have a solution. Disappointed by my lack of travel options during the Stay at Home mandate, I needed to change my thinking. I had to look at my current situation and determine just how to move forward when I could not write about future travel or plan any of our own adventures. Just like you, I couldn’t enjoy a Maui vacation if I wanted to!

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Luxury Travel in Costa Rica: The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort

Always on a mission to find outstanding, luxurious accommodations within a spectacular landscape, we discovered it once again in the vibrant country of Costa Rica. We planned this exciting Costa Rican adventure many months ago and both Craig and I were happily anticipating the very best luxury travel in Costa Rica. We wanted to combine the relaxation and amenities of …

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Next stop: Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

We reluctantly said good bye to our beloved Sydney and flew to Cairns in tropical North Queensland located at the very tip top of Australia.  Our good friends had heartily recommended a unique eco resort called the Thala Beach Lodge which is located between Cairns (where the airport is) and Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a relatively small, adorable, …

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The Best Resort in Maui – Andaz Maui at Wailea

The best resort in Maui comes complete with friendly people, incredible architecture and amenities, sensational sunsets, glorious food and whale sightings!  It is the Andaz Maui at Wailea, an eco-friendly beachfront resort and my new favorite tropical location! Pack your bags and leave now, it is extraordinary! After a relatively easy five hour flight from Los …

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Happy Monday from Maui

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It hardly feels like that here in Maui. You really lose track of what day and date it is when you are on a tropical vacation in paradise! I promised to send a post to you today from Maui. There are so many things to share but here is a preview …

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