Los Angeles Times The Taste – A Culinary Family Affair on Labor Day Weekend

The Taste
Craig, Suzanne, Nick, Kylie, Alex & Brent

So much delicious food at The Taste this weekend!

It was a big, fat, glorious Labor Day Weekend. We hit the family bonanza when both of our grown children and their significant others could fly down from Seattle and San Francisco to be with us for the holiday weekend. The Empty Nest was full to the brim and no one could swipe that silly grin off my face for three days!

If you have been following our adventures, you may remember that we have downsized in the last year and now our current home is not the spacious dwelling where the kids grew up. No, we are living in about half the square footage with fewer bathrooms. Everyone is a good sport and sleeps where we can find room. Rocco (our dog) was beside himself with joy because he could not decide who he wanted to lay by and cuddle with next!

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My Best Dinner in Los Angeles, Maybe My Best Ever

best dinner in Los Angeles
The meal began with these “snacks” ~ #1 Sourdough Bread Soup, #2 Tandoori Madeleine, #3 Radicchio Spring Roll


I think it was for sure my best dinner in Los Angeles. No contest.

Yes – it’s true. This may have been my Best Dinner in Los Angeles ~ maybe my favorite meal ever. Whoa – BIG statement. Don’t forget that I have been to the French Laundry in Napa and thought that dinner was my favorite. Those are some big shoes to fill.

Trois Mec, roughly translated, means “three guys” in French. So three guys, who happen to be accomplished and now famous Los Angeles chefs, created this one of a kind restaurant. I have known about it since it opened, but this was not an easy evening to put together. We lived in Orange County which is located about 90 minutes to 2 hours each way (only because of typical Los Angeles traffic) plus, the reservation is not easy to get.

It actually isn’t a reservation at all, but a ticket, a golden ticket. Every other Friday, they release about 30 seats for two seatings each night. The meal is pre-fixe and you pay in advance. Sounds a little sassy and daunting doesn’t it?

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What’s Hip & Delicious in Los Angeles? Silver Lake’s Alimento


Our visit to Alimento in the historic Silver Lake neighborhood ~

If you have visited here before, you know that delicious food and fabulous restaurants are very high on our adventures list. We do try to search out the most talked about and well reviewed restaurants around the U.S. so we can share them with you! Today’s focus is located in our very own La La Land, Los Angeles. We travel a great deal so our Los Angeles restaurant adventure is a little slow going. I did however just go with my friend Keri to Petit Trois for an authentic French bistro experience recently! You can check that out => here.

However, we were able to get a reservation this week to experience another one of LA’s best restaurants. The tiny and hip area of Silver Lake boasts many fantastic restaurants and now that we live in Pasadena, we are less than fifteen minutes away from this outstanding foodie village.

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