A New York City Restaurant Recommendation That Came From Instagram

New York City restaurant recommendation

How did I find a New York City Restaurant Recommendation from Instagram?

It seems that lately since the whole Facebook privacy scandal, social media has become more of a negative than a positive. There are certainly a great number of attributes I do not like about it, but there are plenty of things social media does well.

Using Instagram as a referral system is definitely a popular activity and many people (like me) use it as an important food and travel resource. Prior to traveling to a new city, I peruse the hashtags and check out the restaurant accounts and often find some pretty yummy things. Receiving a New York City restaurant recommendation from a reliable source and not just from YELP is a much better scenario. At least for us, it is. I do trust those sites, but when the Editor in Chief of Bon Apetít Magazine recommends a local, smallish, out-of-the-way little restaurant and says “It is some of the best food I have had in a while”, I listened!

Here is how the story goes ~

New York City restaurant recommendation
A handcrafted cocktail made with gin, herbs, fruit juice and egg whites. It was light and refreshing, but I can’t remember the name of it! Check out the special syrups they have created on the bar behind the glasses.


Craig and I were traveling to New York  City and always keep a running list of possible places to have a terrific meal. Sometimes we repeat a favorite spot because we can’t help ourselves, but often we like to take a little risk.

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and found a post by @rapo4 with a lovely pasta dish photo. Who doesn’t love a beautiful plate of pasta? Anyway… he raved about this little spot way down in SoHo and I secured us a reservation at King based upon his short Instagram description and we were not disappointed.

To start the meal they offer crazy delicious cracker-things with fresh herbs and olive oil – OMG so good!

New York City restaurant recommendation

King is a tiny, quaint, hip, and elegant restaurant run by three women with a very limited seasonal menu and is perfect for the food lover who is willing to be flexible. You have to trust the chef to make each dish spectacular if there are only a few items for each course. However, it was an easy choice because we would have been happy with anything listed on the menu.

New York City restaurant recommendation

The vibe is quiet and friendly and the staff is professional and knowledgeable. The inside dining room is so intimate that you can watch almost everything going on in the kitchen. I think that is a blast and a privilege. To know that these talented and somewhat famous chefs let you in their personal cooking space is such a treat! This darling eatery spills out onto the sidewalk and on a warm night, it is packed with happy diners. Any seat is a great one and you can decide whether to sit in or out when you make your reservation.

Check out what else we ordered! We took a local New York friend with us and all three of us were euphoric over our choices!

New York City restaurant recommendation
Just tomatoes, hand-made fresh pasta, fresh basil and a sprinkle of olive oil.
New York City restaurant recommendation
A grilled white fish with roasted asparagus and buttery sauce.


New York restaurant recommendations
Grilled beef, sautéed veggies and beans
New York City restaurant reservations
A trio of desserts – Fudgey flourless chocolate cake, moist rosemary olive oil cake and creamy Italian ice cream dessert.


Do you use Instagram as a research tool? If so, do you have any suggestions?

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