My Top Ten Favorites! An Empty Nester’s Guide to Budapest

guide to Budapest
We had such a grand time here in Budapest. Cheers!

Our guide to Budapest

So you are going to Europe and contemplating a stop in Budapest? Do not even hesitate, we found it to be elegant and intriguing, filled with magnificent architecture and plenty to do. I wish we had spent even more time there! We honestly did not get to see everything we wanted to or even experience the famous baths.

Although we were not able to see absolutely everything, we really did accomplish quite a bit of the itinerary. Our stay at The Ritz Carlton Hotel on Elizabeth Square was a fantastic luxury experience in the perfect central location. This convenient home base made it super easy to see the sights efficiently.

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Our Fantastic & Upscale Stay at The Ritz Carlton Budapest

stay at Ritz Carlton Budapest

We were so happy to stay at The Ritz Carlton Budapest

Ah, life in a luxury hotel! You can’t beat it. Do we always stay in places like this? Not always, but we certainly try!

After our final stop in Prague on our Viking River Cruise, my travel writer friend Tam of Travels with Tam and I determined that we could not be so close to Hungary and not make a stop in this extraordinary country! We have both always wanted to visit, but Hungary is not around the corner, but on this trip we were right next door!

When it was time to plan, I reached out to several luxury hotels and immediately received a welcoming and delightful email from Barbara Bagi, Marketing & Communicaitons Manager from The Ritz Carlton Budapest. How lovely! She and I exchanged several informative emails and we were offered a very reasonable rate even during the busiest season of the year. We were all set!

Since neither Tam nor I had been to Budapest, everything was new and exciting and we could not wait to arrive!

Come live vicariously – It was awesome!

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I’m Back From The BIG Summer Travel Adventure It was…absolutely AMAZING!

summer travel
The German Cathedral in Berlin

I am back from the BIG Summer Travel Adventure – It was…absolutely AMAZING!

Miss me? I’ve just returned from twenty-nine adventure-filled days in Europe. Here’s how it went!

  • I traveled to six countries – Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • Eight total flights: Los Angeles to London to Rome, Florence to Barcelona to Palma to Berlin, Prague to Budapest to London to Washington DC to Los Angeles
  • 2 trains
  • 2 Viking ships
  • Many kilometers by Viking Coach
  • Two rental cars
  • Multiple cabs
  • Several subway rides
  • Miles walked? Who knows!  A lot!

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BIG Summer Travel – Where are we going this time?

summer travel
Majorca, Spain

Summer Travel Update

Hey fellow adventurers! I wanted to check in to let you know that we are embarking on a BIG Summer Travel Adventure!

Craig and I will be traveling with our family to see The Palio in Siena, Italy with a quick couple of days in Rome! Next, we say goodbye to the family and fly to the gorgeous island of Majorca, Spain. We visited last summer and it was so spectacular that we just had to go back! And there’s more…

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