Food Photography Trends & A Colorful Restaurant Doing It Right

food photography trends
Even this delicious white sangria with fresh fruit served in adorable mugs was photogenic.

Food Photography Trends

Do you take pictures of your food? Do you think it is silly? I have actually been doing this for years, way before Instagram came along. I have always loved the beauty of the presentation of a dish. I saved the photos just for me, but now I have a convenient way to share my passion: social media.

Do I photograph every thing we eat? No, not everything, but a lot of it. My poor Instagram husband, doesn’t touch his plate until I give him the green light. I try to do it quickly and of course with no flash. Flash is a food photography no-no. For one it makes the food look ugly, two, it is such a rookie move and three, it definitely disturbs the other restaurant guests.

Some restaurants create an ideal environment

There are trendy restaurants now that actually design their interiors to be more photo-friendly. Yes, it is true! Some put their restaurant name on the plate for obvious recognition. Others have actually changed the color of their tables to be white marble, so the plates photograph better. Others may choose vibrant colors to enhance the guest’s experience. They’re creating an environment that is pleasing to the camera and the food, almost like set design for a movie.

Additionally, restauranteurs have added more tables by the window, to maximize the use of natural light. This is the very best light to take food photos!

food photography trends
My photogenic husband.

Spotlight on the most Instagrammable restaurant and lunch! – Mallorca, Spain

food photography trends
This little bistro was the perfect spot for my photogenic meal
food photography trends
My favorite photo of the trip. Snapped quickly with my iPhone.

food photography trends

The minute we reached the front door of this adorable restaurant we were bowled over by the charming design. The bright natural light was streaming in over colorful tables of aqua and bright red. Additionally this cute little place sat on the harbor and the boats quietly bobbed up and down while we ate. All the design accessories perfectly complimented each other from napkins to table lanterns to wooden boards for serving. It was the setting for a colorful afternoon lunch on the dreamy island of Mallorca. Even the food seemed to be designed to enhance our visual color palette. The splashes of green of the avocado and lime sat next to the grilled scallops – so simple, so beautiful.

food photography trends

I have sung the praises of Mallorca here and here, I also have recommended this destination to anyone looking for a special European beach vacation. We traveled here two years in a row and if I had extra hotels points and airline miles, I would go again this summer!

Do you take photos of your food?

food photography trends
While I was on a trip to China with seven other travel writers. This is what really happens. Funny!

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  1. I need to do this. I started posting on Instagram recently (mbf310), but so far it’s mostly sunsets over the Pacific. I’m going to try food (and more) on my upcoming European vacation. I just wish I could get more of my social media friends and family to go to Instagram.

    • I think its awesome you want to expand! I just followed you! If you want to share, you should not have a private account. It’s safe to have a public account. I love Instagram!


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