A Viking River Cruise Extra – A Fabulous Food Tour in Berlin


food tour in Berlin
A local store that carries all of the local tasty foods


Who knew that a tour food in Berlin would be part of my Viking River Cruise? Bonus! In my opinion, food touring is the perfect companion to every city tour. What better way to understand the city culture than to taste the food that locals love to eat!

food tour in Berlin
Our little tour group from the Viking Ship Beyla

This tour was an extra excursion (for a small fee) that I took with a few of my new cruising friends. As it turned out, it was more of a visit neighborhoods/local food tasting /insider’s tour. Lucky us. In addition to tasting delicious local food we learned about unique art and culture that would never be found on a typical city tour of Berlin.

food tour in Berlin
Museum Island


Berlin’s Museum Island was our first stop after riding the city bus. We took public transportation throughout the tour and I was thrilled. How fun to become part of a city even if for only one afternoon. It is was nice to travel in a small group of food lovers and share this experience with them as well!

Hackescher Market – A must see!

food tour in Berlin
Hackescher Markt – A hip and renovated market square in downtown.


Adjacent to Hackescher Markt is probably the coolest place in town. Hackesche Höfe is a courtyard complex that has been renovated from old apartment buildings. This beautiful multi-use structure was a favorite of mine because the architects cleverly renovated this trail of commercial buildings to create a walking mall with a super cool aesthetic, adorable shops and places to sit and have a coffee or a meal. What a highlight for me!

Hackesche Höfe

food tour in Berlin
Hackesche Höfe- The tile facade was exquisite!
food tour of Berlin
A great food tour always includes Ice cream! (Hackesche Höfe)
food tour of Berlin
There are eight different courtyards that you can meander through.


food tour in Berlin
One of the eight courtyards that was layered with brightly colored café tables and elevated wood benches. So cool


More of our food tour in Berlin

This neighborhood reminded me a lot of Soho in New York mixed with Laguna Beach, California. An artsy, fashion forward place where graffiti is exterior design, the people are hip and creativity is king (or queen)!

food tour in Berlin

food tour in Berlin
These are mailboxes.


Beer and Pretzels

Food Tour in Berlin

Fun fact – I love pretzels! Germany is a pretzel mecca! Street vendors, restaurants, bakeries, bars, snack shops and markets all carry them.

Food Tour in Berlin

With a view of the river and Museum Island, we enjoyed this pretty famous restaurant called Ampelmann. Sitting under a red umbrella caused every photo to be incredibly red! My photo of my delicious potato soup was particularly unattractive, so you get to see the beer photo!

food tour of Berlin
This beautiful store carried gorgeous deli meats, cheeses, wines and a bakery! See below.
food tour of Berlin
I chose a strawberry tart. Divine!


Travel tip:

  • Find a food tour – Even if you are not an adventurous eater, these tours bring you inside a city the way nothing else can.
  • Take a bite! Sample everything you are offered. You may never get the chance again. Make a memory!
  • Use public transportation to see the city up close.
  • Ask a server in a local restaurant where they love to eat or have coffee.
  • Ask about a local bookstore.


The Monkey Bar

That name had to grab your attention. The Monkey Bar on the 10th floor of the 25hours Hotel offers breathtaking views of the city and the zoo. It is also part of “Bikini Berlin”(yes that is the real name) which is a shopping mall. The Berlin Zoo is adjacent to this building so you can sip coffee or an adult beverage in the bar and watch the animals. Near that large rock sat many white baboons. I kid you not.

food tour in Berlin
This photo was taken from the coffee house on the ground floor.

Our hotel was pretty close to this mall, so I had heard from several other travelers about the Monkey Bar. Although not part of the foodie tour we stopped in.

Have you taken any food tours? If so, why? If not, why not?

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20 thoughts on “A Viking River Cruise Extra – A Fabulous Food Tour in Berlin”

  1. I love this! Since Elegant Elbe was our first river cruise I only signed up for the included tours. Now that I am reading about others’ experiences withe extra excursions, I can hardly wait to try some. This gives me a much different view of Berlin than I saw in my short 2 days there.

    • That is so great to hear Margie. I totally agree. The extra excursions allow for smaller groups and maybe a more unique focus. I so appreciate you taking a moment to leave a comment.

  2. Berlin was not very high up on places I want to visit. Your pictures and comments have changed my mind! I will add it to my list!

    • Fun fact: I have been to Berlin twice in 3 years. I LOVED it even more this time. I have a lot more adventures to share, just haven’t had time to write it all!

  3. Great post, Suzanne! I totally agree that a food tour is a tasty way to get to know a city more intimately. Finding out what the locals prefer to eat and how they dine is a wonderful way to learn about the city you are visiting. And also to identify a good local eatery to revisit for a full meal if you’re lucky enough to be staying a few nights.

    A food tour that began in Old Spitalfields Market in London is one of my top travel memories. Like you said – be sure to at least take a bite of everything – may be pleasantly surprised!

  4. It has been almost 35 years since I lived in Berlin for 2 years in my early 20s and a lot has changed. (The “Wall” was still up!) However, a Bratwurst and pom frites from a street vendor were the best I have ever had – anywhere. Soooo good!

    • I thought of you when I wrote this! You have to go to Hackescher Höfe! It was so cool!! You would enjoy Ampelmanns too by the river!

  5. I just re-read this post. Next month my husband and I are going on our second Viking river cruise, and because of your post I have booked the Taste of Paris tour. I am so looking forward to it!

      • The Taste of Paris was the highlight of our trip! My husband and I were the only ones who signed up, so it was private and we saw and learned so much we would not have otherwise, including the subway. Thanks again for inspiring me with your blog.

        • Margie: This is GREAT news! How fun for you. I think seeing a city through a culinary tour is so important. Glad you had such a wonderful experience!


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