My Connection Between “Lost in Translation” & My Stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Cheers from my table at the New York Grill at Park Hyatt Tokyo

The recent celebration of the Academy Awards prompted me to share this special story of my spectacular stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo and how a movie influenced my experience.

A movie that sparked a dream

17 years ago, back when I was not a travel writer or even much of a traveler, I saw a film that captivated me. Lost in Translation was a film with an Oscar-winning screenplay starring comedian Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, a fantastic rising star. A large part of the movie essentially took place in an impressive, upscale, chic, I had never seen anything like this hotel in Tokyo, Japan called Park Hyatt Tokyo. 

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
One of many spectacular views of Tokyo from Park Hyatt Tokyo

I was enchanted by the dazzling city views out the hotel’s high rise windows. The elegant interior design and chic cocktail bar were total fantasy to me. Travel to Japan just wasn’t that common in my circle and this fact made the movie seem even more exciting and mysterious.

Back then, I truly never dreamed I would ever see and certainly never stay at a hotel like Park Hyatt Tokyo. I was a suburban mom with a limited budget, a packed schedule and busy children where this type of travel was not a realistic endeavor. Travel here was just too far out of my realm of thinking. 

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
The evening view from my room. Like a postcard

My travel life today

Fast forward many years, with my kids all grown, I am enjoying a fulfilling career in travel writing. An opportunity to cap off a work trip where I was touring through Japan by rail, allowed me time to stay longer and make a reservation! Are you kidding me?

Just a year or so before, I traveled to Japan for the first time as a brand ambassador. I was introduced to this extraordinary country while on the Cultural Treasures of Japan tour with Collette Travel. The unique sites coupled with brand new adventures I never knew existed, created a huge fan. I was smitten and adored eating the fine, fresh sushi and was captivated by ancient architecture that sits right in between the prolific city of skyscrapers. Mesmerized by the magnificent landscape, bustling cities and incredible local hospitality, Japan was my new favorite destination.

Where the dream comes true

So when I was invited by two Japanese travel companies, Keihan and Odakyu, to return and experience even more of the many wonders of Japan, I jumped at the chance! To read all about this trip you can check out this post and this one!

I used Hyatt points and stayed on the 51st floor of Park Hyatt Tokyo. If you are not earning points and miles to travel, you are missing out. My husband and I stay in Hyatt properties over 130 nights each year and they reward our loyalty with special upgrades.

Come along on my stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
The grand library entrance hall of Park Hyatt Tokyo

This exceptional hotel is located in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo where the streets are pristine and the public parks are perfectly manicured. Many austere government buildings line the streets nearby and the tower is within walking distance of the spectacular Shinjuku train station. These stations are so well equipped that you could fprobably live there for the rest of your life without needing a thing. They offer everything from American coffee to French pastries, home goods, an array of global restaurants, fashion boutiques and a multitude of other options.

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Girandole – An exquisitely designed restaurant with a double-level collage of 144 black and white photographs depicting a European café.

Once I arrived at Park Hyatt Tokyo by taxi, a staff member greeted me at the ground floor door and personally delivered me to the 41st -floor check-in area which looks more like an opulent banking office. And as it turns out I didn’t even have to check-in. The greeter just took me directly to my room. Fancy! The hotel occupies 14 floors of the 52-story building and I was upgraded to a deluxe room with a view of Mount Fuji, but on that day the afternoon fog obscured my view so I had no idea she was right there out my window. 

Once settled, three days of total luxury were at my fingertips. My exquisite room sat high in the sky where I could view 180 degrees of the stunning Tokyo skyline and Mount Fuji. Would you like a tour? Check out this video!

More Photos to Enjoy

The Peak Lounge is on the 41st floor and lit by wonderful natural light during the day.
My bathroom!
stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Amenities in my room – so lovely. Nothing was overlooked.
room service on my stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Room Service – Delicous!

Hotel Extras – Brunch, Bakery & Deli

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
So many to choose from at the bakery and deli
Banana chocolate cream puff, worth every calorie

Daily Breakfast/Brunch

stay at Park Hyatt
Beautiful silver, white linens, attentive service, a huge menu and views of Tokyo – Perfection for me.
My favorite Eggs Benedict

Sitting at the bar or not

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo

For me, traveling alone can be quite different than when I am with my husband. I am not fond of sitting at a bar by myself but knew I wanted to experience the most famous place in this hotel. The Bar! There were several scenes in Lost in Translation filmed on those seats. It is called the New York Bar and it is out of a movie… Oh, I told you that. Seriously, it was like I walked into a glamorous movie set, as a gorgeous jazz singer dressed in a red, sang for a packed room where every seat in the bar was taken. Not the perfect seating scenario for me, so I created a better plan.

Dinner is served

stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo

Since I enjoy fine dining, I cleverly decided to book a reservation at the also famous and elegant New York Grill Restaurant which is adjacent to The Bar. My table was on the edge of the room overlooking the city and a long line of servers was ready to indulge my every request. I sure felt special.

To maximize my ability to taste and see as many dishes as I could, I ordered the Prix Fixe menu and a martini (or two).

Appetizer: I don’t remember the exact ingredients other than it was divine!
stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Grilled Wagyu Sirloin

I enjoyed every dish and presentation, every one of the unique combinations of flavors and textures. The service was kind, but not intrusive, friendly but respectful. I enjoyed talking with my primary server and listening to his personal stories about his journey to Japan. His occupational aspirations and intense work schedule were inspiring.

eat at the New York Grill, Park Hyatt Tokyo
The view from my seat – The scene was out of a movie…

Every dish and every ingredient was better than the next during my memorable meal.

dessert at Park Hyatt Tokyo
Dessert! The restaurant lighting is soft and low and makes it a challenge to get a great photo.
Mirrors everywhere!

Final thoughts

As the memory of the intriguing “Lost In Translation” intertwined with my own extraordinary experience of my stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo, it fulfilled an almost impossible dream. The hotel will certainly remain in my heart forever, but now I must return to Park Hyatt Tokyo with my husband to share these luxuries that I was so fortunate to experience!

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  1. How amazing! And what a bathroom!! We have travelled places based on books and movies and I am always afraid they won’t live up to my expectations. Yet I find it just adds to the magic of it all.


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