Let’s Talk Technology

Technology is like aging, you can try to out run it, but sooner or later you have to embrace it. Are we slaves to technology? Yes, I think many of us are and some of us won’t admit it either. I have a handful of friends who do not have Facebook accounts and don’t engage …

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A Spectacular Evening With Elton John

Our newest adventure: The gift of a trip to Hawaii – including a spectacular private concert performed by the infamous Elton John! Recently I wrote a post about celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and how so many things have contributed to this successful marriage/partnership. As a couple we have so much to be proud of, but we consistently work hard to …

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Adventures in eating- NYC’s Chelsea Market

This post is written by Guest Adventurer Lisa. She has shared her delightful adventures with us before and I could hardly wait to see this yummy food post from her visit to the amazing Chelsea Market in New York City.   New York City – Chelsea Market Our oldest daughter Melissa, has lived in NYC since she graduated …

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Next stop: Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef

We reluctantly said good bye to our beloved Sydney and flew to Cairns in tropical North Queensland located at the very tip top of Australia.  Our good friends had heartily recommended a unique eco resort called the Thala Beach Lodge which is located between Cairns (where the airport is) and Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a relatively small, adorable, …

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Dreams come true in Australia – Part 1 of 4

I had so much to say and share about our trip to Australia that I decided to divide my story into four parts. I am still only skimming the surface, otherwise you would be reading for days! Photos speak louder than words and I hope you enjoy my attempt to capture this glorious country of Australia!   …

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Happy Monday from Maui

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It hardly feels like that here in Maui. You really lose track of what day and date it is when you are on a tropical vacation in paradise! I promised to send a post to you today from Maui. There are so many things to share but here is a preview …

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Grand Empty Nesters

This post is written by a first time Guest Adventurer, Karen B. and she has created a new category: Grand Empty Nester     Our story is similar Suzanne.  Joe started when Steve was 9 in Little League in Arcadia (back then that was the earliest you could play – no T Ball) and continued …

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Learn How to Hit the Curve

When our son left for U of AZ, it was both sad and a relief. We had struggled with his attitude for the last two years of high school and welcomed our newfound freedom. However, after a month at UofA, our son contracted mononucleosis. Since he hadn’t been sick more than a few days his …

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