It’s Fun to Let Your Hair Down & Be a Tourist (Sometimes)

be a tourist
At Seattle’s Space Needle on the open air observation deck, the glass benches are angled and made you look like you were falling backwards. (At least we thought it did!) The views are spectacular!

It’s ok to just be a tourist

As travelers, it can be a struggle to decide when to just fit in to the landscape, enjoy the surroundings, soak up the local culture and take in what this new city has to offer. However, sometimes it is FUN to take that selfie on the famous bridge and be a tourist. Heck everybody else is! Right?

When I was in Prague last summer the crowds on the famous Charles Bridge were so large that you literally had to jump in the stream of fellow tourists and swim upstream. People were everywhere. They stop in the middle in order to take just the right photo, they bump into you, they are (mostly) clueless. When facing a situation like this, you have to take a deep breath and forge forward.

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Deep Dive: An Intriguing New Cocktail Bar in Seattle

Deep Dive - a new cocktail bar in Seattle

An alluring new cocktail bar in Seattle

I love discovering new places and intriguing spaces. Don’t you? If a friend shares a hot new restaurant or an insider bit of travel news, I am forever grateful. Well my friends, I too have something compelling to share!

On this recent trip to Seattle we struck new-restaurant-gold. Only a few months ago Renee Erickson chef and creator of Sea Creatures restaurant group, opened a new cocktail bar called Deep Dive. We heard it was “like a New York speakeasy”, super small and really hard to get in to. There were reports of three and four hour waits to get in! Who waits that long? Not us. But hold on, there is more…

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A Special Cake Baking Class – Seattle Style

cake baking class

A Cake Baking Class Adventure While Traveling ~

Yes, we did it again. Alex and I took a Birthday Layer Cake Baking class at The Pantry in Seattle. When your busy adult child wants to spend time with you… you always say yes! We have found such camaraderie through our common passion for cooking and our son Nick also loves to cook! Lightening struck twice, lucky me!

When I make plans to visit a city, I try to look deeper into activities that most likely are not filled with tourists. I look for things that we (I) have a strong interest in learning more about. We always look for local bookstores, cooking stores, sports related tours, foodie tours, architecture tours, music/record stores, cooking classes, breweries, and distilleries.

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A Breathtaking Visit to the Tulip Fields in Washington

tulip fields in Washington

A visit to the tulip fields in Washington should be on everyone’s adventure list!

Our daughter Alex has lived in the state of Washington for nine years and because of this, I have known about the spectacular tulip fields for years. You should be aware that a visit to the tulip fields is a wonderful way to spend the day, but it is an adventure in timing. First you need to plan a trip to Seattle, then you need to plan to go in April, then you hope it doesn’t rain and make everything super muddy, then you need to hope that they will be blooming when you arrive!

tulip fields in Washington

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