Going on a trip to San Francisco soon? Here are 3 fab restaurants to try!


trip to San Francisco

Every trip to San Francisco must include a culinary adventure!

Honestly, I try, but I can’t keep up! There are so many HOT enticing restaurants, serving incredibly exciting food in this culinary mecca that there aren’t ever enough days in every trip to San Francisco!

I have written a great deal about the restaurants we have visited and enjoyed I checked back over two previous posts here and here and I still agree with every word. They are ALL still on my favorites list. However, after this past trip, we went to three more restaurants you need to check out!

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Four More of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco You Must Try Today

Consider this post to be an addendum to this one ==> 15 Amazing Restaurants in San Francisco to Visit Today!

More of the Best Restaurants in San Francisco

When we make a stop in San Francisco we make it count. In the evening, we don’t relax much, we try to fit in every new (and old) restaurant we haven’t been to yet! Finding the best restaurants in San Francisco is a joyous adventure. During the day, we skip lunch, walk a lot and relish the special gastronomic moments at these unique dining spots that have even earned a Michelin Star.

That is a big deal! San Francisco dominates the region with Michelin worthy acclaim. Receiving a Michelin star is a highly coveted reward for providing an incredible dining experience, coupled with outstanding service and excellent, innovative cuisine.

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15 Amazing Restaurants in San Francisco to Visit Today!

amazing restaurants in San Francisco

Where to find the most amazing restaurants in San Francisco – We did all the “work” for you!

Searching for popular restaurants in the cities where we travel is one of my favorite activities! Every food and travel blogger likes to offer his or her own take on where to go, but more often than not, there are so many to choose from that their choices may not even be on my list. So… I wanted to share my current “favorites list” for the most amazing restaurants in San Francisco.

My husband Craig’s company is located in the Bay Area and working there is just part of his routine. So luckily for me, we have been traveling to San Francisco for quite some time. However, the restaurant scene of today is far more sophisticated and creative and dining out is more popular than it ever has been.

As hungry diners, our choices now are nearly infinite in the City by the Bay. Local chefs create original, tasty food that makes your heart sing and fulfills the current foodie frenzy. It seems that everyone is following the food and restaurant news and a laser-focused interest in popular cuisine is at an all time high.

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San Francisco: My Birthday Dinner at Frances

IMG_6711 (1)

My Birthday Dinner at Frances ~

Dinner at Frances was recommended to me quite a while ago when Craig and I attended an incredible wine dinner at Campton Place for Jordan Winery. Our tablemates were oenofiles and foodies with discerning tastes and strong opinions. I always like to ask these types of people where we should eat next. The soft-spoken and knowledgable gentleman sitting next to me said. “I eat at very special restaurants around the city at least four nights a week, many of them are quite fancy and expensive, but my favorite place to eat is Frances.”

This statement has been bobbing around in my brain for quite a while. Every time we have visited San Francisco, we have had another restaurant scheduled or it was a last-minute trip. Frances is not a “last minute” restaurant. It is more of a “you must plan in advance” reservation. They do save a few seats at the bar for walk ins, but otherwise a reserved seat is a necessity.

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Best Brunch in San Francisco?

best brunch in San Francisco
FLORENTINE BENEDICT: sautéed spinach, tomato, parmesan, Meyer lemon hollandaise


Follow me to the best brunch in San Francisco ~

Knit beanies, Northface slickers, jeans, fashionable rainboots and Jack Purcells were the uniform of the day on a very rainy Sunday in downtown San Francisco. So where are all the twenty-somethings going for the best food I have had in quite a while? Sweet Maple.

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