Let’s Talk Technology

Technology is like aging, you can try to out run it, but sooner or later you have to embrace it. Are we slaves to technology? Yes, I think many of us are and some of us won’t admit it either. I have a handful of friends who do not have Facebook accounts and don’t engage …

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Adventures in Seattle: The city that kidnapped our daughter

In 2006 our lovely daughter and oldest child, left for college 1,000 miles away to the home of The Space Needle, Amazon, Grey’s Anatomy, and the world famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. A spectacular view of Downtown Seattle from Alki Beach  That conniving city kidnapped her, kept her superbly happy and did not encourage her to return home. Alex spent four …

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Hello Empty Nesters from the “Coast” of Illinois

  A new “hello” post from Guest Adventurer, Laura, who is a land-locked beach bum who works days as a nurse and shares her land-locked life with her husband who is in law enforcement, which just scratches the surface of their sit-com similarities. They have two children who are recent college grads and a cat …

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Milk & Honey: A neighborhood adventure

Another Guest Adventurer post from Christina! She finds the most fun and delicious places to visit! Christina can do the detective work for us! I can’t wait to go to this delightful cafe! Have you been? Adventures in your own backyard Sometimes the best adventures can be found in your own backyard. Such is the case with …

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Free financial advice from an Empty Nester Dad

While talking with longtime friends over dinner last week, Deets, husband and father of two daughters who have left the nest, gave some thought to what “adventures” he wanted to share with all of you. Part of enjoying the life of an Empty Nester is figuring out just how to pay for the second half of our …

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A Girls Weekend in Seattle

A girls weekend in Seattle! I am leaving for Seattle today through Monday with my super fun sister-in-law Leslie and my delightful 16 year-old niece Delaney. We will be enjoying all of the amazing tourist activities Seattle offers and as a bonus we will be visiting my grown up daughter Alex, who lives there. Delaney has never …

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