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An interview on Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Since we are all working from home, I have an idea for you. Are you looking for something fun to do during your lunch break tomorrow? How about tuning in to a video podcast with Deborah Kobylt! I will join Deborah via Zoom to chat about life as an empty nester.

What changes have we experienced? How are the challenges different now that the kids are grown? What fun adventures do we have planned? Where have we been and where are we going next? I will share about the origin of Adventures of Empty Nesters and a whole lot MORE!!

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Have you seen our Empty Nester Video? It will make you smile.

empty nester video
Dinner at Kualoa Ranch, Oahu


Adventures of Empty Nesters: How did it all begin? The quick version.

Four years ago, I was having a bit of a struggle trying to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Where did I belong exactly? Our son was in college, our daughter had graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle and never moved back to California. My husband Craig was often traveling for business and I no longer had to spend every waking moment focused on what the family required. Everyone was happily doing their own thing, I was truly an Empty Nester and it was my time now.

Created in 2014, AdventuresofEmptyNesters.com has evolved through the years, with the original emphasis on my life in the Empty Nest. I adored offering advice to others who were about to begin this new empty nester chapter or already living it. As time passed, I allowed the blog to carry me and my thoughts along with it toward new adventures.

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Walking Through Japan: Along the Nakasendo Way

walking through Japan
Yet another marking with the “Nakasendo Way” symbols.


Please welcome back Guest Adventurer, Angela Light, my college roommate and dear friend. She and her husband Jon are avid world travelers and the minute I heard about their most recent travel adventure, walking through Japan, I asked her to share it with you! Thank you Angela! 

Walking Through Japan ~

Last year my then-59-year-old husband announced, “I don’t want a big party for my 60th! I just want to go somewhere with you. “ Jon is an avid sushi fan and a lover of the Japanese culture, so Japan it was. We decided on a three-week journey around spring break that would include two weeks in Japan and a “relaxation” week in Hawaii on the way home.

We had hiked with Backroads in Iceland the summer of 2015 and absolutely loved it.  Jon wanted to duplicate that kind of experience in Japan.  We love resorts, cities, fancy restaurants and hotels, and lots of culture, but we had recently discovered that we also enjoy another kind of adventure.

walking through Japan
We were so fortunate to hit the peak of the cherry blossoms!

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Your Top 12 Favorite Adventures of 2016


January is the perfect month for a bit of personal reflection. We can ask ourselves some thought provoking questions like: What did we do right? What can we do better? What did we enjoy most? What should we try to do this year?

Lots of people are writing their top lists of the year. Don’t you just love seeing your favorites come back by for one last look? This list below is in no particular order, but they are the most popular posts of the year. Craig and I tried to narrow down our top adventures too, but there were too many! So I thought 12 was a good number – I hope you will agree!

What were your favorite adventures?

I am the queen of enthusiastic adventures! As people in midlife we have arrived at a significant crossroad in our personal journey. Our primary focus of parenting is still very important, just not something we do on a day-to-day basis. Now we can refocus our energy on our goals, dreams and ADVENTURES! We can move in a different direction if we wish, so much easier.

Three years ago, I took a leap of faith and created Adventures of Empty Nesters. My goal was to bring together empty nesters and people in midlife, as well as their interested adult children all together to promote positive activities. To share stories of travel, family, delicious food, great products and inspiration.

We have done that, and much more! We have connected and supported each other and I could not be more appreciative or proud! Thank you so much for your support, participation and enthusiasm!

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Where to go this Fall ~ 7 Great Destinations to Enjoy!

where to go this fall

Where to go this fall to enjoy the best of what this colorful season has to offer ~

Summer has ended and we are headed to Fall, my very favorite season! Funny thing is that I live in Southern California where the temps are hovering around 90 degrees! How can I think about cool, sweater weather, drinking hot cocoa, eating warm apple pie and enjoying walks through the autumn leaves?

I can find these desirable images in my imagination, or I can plan a fall getaway! Where can we go? Many of my friends who live on the East Coast will chuckle when I write about how I long for the cooler weather, because I don’t really experience any type of super cold weather in Pasadena. I think I wear a coat maybe once or twice all season at home.

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Fearless Travel & Adventures in Egypt

adventures in Egypt
Camel riding around the great pyramids of Egypt.


Please welcome our newest Guest Adventurer, Kathy Gottberg. She is the author of five published books and writes and blogs at SMART Living 365.com (http://smartliving365.com) where she shares ideas about creating a happy, healthy, and meaningful life every day of the year. And obviously she also loves to travel!

adventures in Egypt
Yes, that’s the real Sphinx in the background.


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Introducing…Find Adventure Luggage Tags!

Find Adventure Luggage Tags! Yes! It’s our turn to do what we want, when we want to do it. Let’s start a movement and encourage creative, out of the box thinking and allow today to be the beginning of a new adventure. I have even named a hashtag after this idea ~ #findadventure. Not only …

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Pura Vida! We are on our way to a Costa Rica Vacation!

A Costa Rica Vacation! #woohoo We are no longer calling it the Bucket List… checking off one more on the Adventure List! Craig and I are off to Costa Rica for a well deserved vacation. We plan to shed the stress of everyday life and embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle! These city slickers will be …

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Sailing School: Tortola, British Virgin Islands!

Let us give a warm welcome to return Guest Adventurer, Laura, a self-proclaimed beach bum, who created the very fun blog Coast of Illinois. She shares her good natured personality through her humorous stories from her recent adventure at sailing school in Tortola. Sounds like a whole lotta fun to me! Sailing School ~ For those of you who are new here, …

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