A Road Trip to Nashville! There’s a Myriad of Delightful Choices

trip to Nashville

This road trip to Nashville was originally published the day of the recent tornado. Not the perfect time to be dreaming of a trip to this amazing city. So, I decided to re-publish in order to bring it to your attention. When a city deals with a natural disaster of this magnitude, it is up to the travelers to come to visit and flood the city with revenue!  Consider planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, you will love it, I promise!

A trip to Nashville should be on your adventure list!

It’s official. A trip to Nashville is a fun-filled, tasty tour of music history and fantastic live entertainment.

It seems like virtually everyone has been to Nashville, Tennessee, and then well, maybe not. I have done a little research and have found some intriguing information. Several other fantastic travel bloggers have been to Nashville, toured the city, dined at great places, and written entertaining and informative articles. But… it seems that on this trip we added some other places to experience as well. We had a blast in Nashville.

This only demonstrates that a destination can entertain its visitors in a myriad of ways. So with that being said, here is what we chose to do!

The Travelers

trip to Nashville
Troy and Brad joined us once again.

There were four of us traveling together, Craig and I plus two friends traveling solo. We have been friends since we were kids and this was our fourth trip together. From fly fishing in Montana to a multigenerational trip to Oahu, to a patriotic road trip through South Dakota and Wyoming and finally this empty-nester trip to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and Nashville, TN.

We needed three bedrooms, so we took the Airbnb route. What a splendid idea! Since we were splitting the price of our accommodations, we could just about afford anywhere we wanted to stay, so I chose the cutest and most fun place I could find within walking distance of Broadway. It was a hit!

Our Itinerary 

trip to Nashville
Our living room! How cute is this? Come on!

Our Airbnb

David Jaap, our host of the Airbnb could not have been more accommodating. He offered more help to his guests than almost anywhere we have ever stayed and that includes hotel concierges. I asked David to make a couple of suggestions for terrific restaurants, lively bars, and local attractions. He sent me a ten-minute text voice message! (In a good way)

He shared the details as if he was going to experience all of these suggestions himself. There were ideas like the best thing on the menu, how far the walk might be to each spot, secret ways to skip a line, where the best views of the city were and tricks to get an Uber easier. His ideas were so well suited for us that we used almost all of them!

He was just so thoughtful!

Check out David’s website HERE for all you need! He offers several properties to choose from and all are designed just as cute as ours was!


Airbnb in Nashville
We didn’t really use the kitchen of our Airbnb, but it sure was well appointed!

Here we go!

We were driving from Lexington Kentucky to Nashville from our Bourbon Trail Adventure! You can find all the details of the first part of the trip HERE! Broadway is the hottest area in town where you can eat, listen to music, tour the Ryman, and soak up a deep country music vibe. I compare it to Las Vegas for excitement, but on a tiny and doable scale. We dined, toured, tasted, sipped and dined some more! There was no time to rest, except to sleep. I know we only saw a small but mighty part of an adorable city.

The Southern Steak & Oyster

trip to Nashville
Everyone had something different and all dishes were incredible. Service was exceptional and a reservation is a must!

 Pinewood Social 

Pinewood Socia in Nashville
A super trendy place for work, drinking, bowling and eating.
trip to Nashville
We had breakfast, but you could stop there any time of day. In the summer it is really busy. You can sit by a pool and play outdoor games as well as bowl.

Jack Daniels

trip to Nashville

Are you thirsty, feeling ambitious and looking for some interesting history? About an hour outside of Nashville is the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.  With 150 years of history to share, the tour and grounds are a must-see in my opinion! You do not need to be a fan of Tennessee whiskey to enjoy this adventure.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

trip to Nashville
Our bbq lunch was fabulous!

Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar

trip to Nashville
On a balmy night, we hung out on the roof and listened to several talented musicians.

Another Broken Egg Café

trip to Nashville
This awesome breakfast spot was discovered by Troy – We all loved our meals.

Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore located in Nashville and co-owned by best-selling author Ann Patchett and publishing veteran Karen Hayes. The short story of this adventure is that in 2011 these brilliant entrepreneurs wanted to fight the big bad box stores and Amazon to keep and maintain a local, independent bookstore. Many articles have been written about this struggle as well as the triumphant beginning of Parnassus. Ever since I first read the story of this very special bookstore, I have wanted to go there. Now was my chance!

Hatch Show Print

A historic print shop that offers tours and info about letterpress printing. I could stay here for quite a while.

Husk Restaurant

trip to Nashville
Literally next door to our townhouse. An upscale farm to table restaurant in a lovely Victorian home.

Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum– A must see!

Ryman Auditorium – Take a tour 

Did we see it all? No way. Did we get a nice feel for this incredible city? Yes. Do we want to go back soon? In a quick minute!

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4 thoughts on “A Road Trip to Nashville! There’s a Myriad of Delightful Choices”

  1. Honestly, one of my favorite trips. Ending the Bourbon Trail run with a stay in Nashville topped it off! Great food, great bourbon (of course!), and great travel buddies. Hard to beat, but can’t wait until the next one!

    • I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Our travel foursome is the best and we need to plan another very soon.

  2. We just came back from Nashville we were a party of 7 celebrating our friend 35th birthday we walked broadway went to almost all the rooftops bars during the daytime at night we went to locals bar walking distance off broadway we eat at Pig leg Porker BBQ food was great the Diner next to Johnny Cash bar was awesome. Our Airbnb we were the first ones staying there it was so beautiful. In Hart street and 2nd street


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