What Really Happens at a Travel Blogging Conference? A Lot!

travel blogging conference

I have just returned from Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the Women in Travel Summit 2017 (#WITS17), a fantastic travel blogging conference.

What exactly happens at a travel blogging conference? Lots of really cool stuff. We are given the opportunity to visit unique museums, walk though historic neighborhoods, admire grand architecture and feast in traditional restaurants that are found throughout the host city.

There are informative speakers, intriguing breakout sessions that narrow relevant topics in to very specific conversations. We engage in enlightening dialogs and have meetings with industry related companies and then there is more and more and more!

More importantly, I have the chance to be in a room with four hundred other women who are passionate about food and travel like I am! They totally get me. They don’t raise an eyebrow when I rearrange the tableware to capture a dish in just the right light, they all have story after story of trips taken and local cuisine they have devoured. There is a palpable, positive energy that runs through the meeting rooms and between women.

I left the travel blogging conference full (literally and figuratively) with delicious knowledge and tangible writing tips, as well as new friendships and partnerships with brands who I would have never met otherwise. Was it worth getting up before the sun rises to make my flights, enduring the time difference and freezing my ass off in Milwaukee? Absolutely.

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A New Year & Healthy Body for More Adventures!

healthy body


Just a quick knee surgery update! Click here for the prior details. It has been one week since the surgery and all went well. I am on the road to recovery and the doctor explained that although he found the knee more damaged than it looked on the MRI, it was a successful surgery! I start physical therapy on Monday! My wonderful mom delivered meals on wheels for five days, my sweet husband was a saint & my kids were loving and thoughtful.

I received lovely texts, cards, flowers (thank you to my children) prayers, well wishes, FB messages and Instagram messages. Social media did its job perfectly! Thank you so much. I never felt alone, I always knew someone was sending me good thoughts and virtual hugs.

I did realize a few things I thought you might like to know…

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Savor Laguna: A fantastic foodie walking tour in Laguna Beach!

view of lagun from Wyland
The view from the deck of the Wyland Gallery, downtown Laguna Beach, CA.


A walking tour in Laguna Beach… yes please! Not only did I have the privilege of leisurely walking and eating my way through the charming streets of Laguna, but I learned a great deal of the history of the area as well.

Although I lived in South Orange County for 27 years, I must admit that my knowledge of the history of Laguna Beach was rather limited. However, Jeanne Lange of Savor Laguna dazzled me and the enthusiastic group of my fellow travel bloggers with wonderful stories of the founding fathers (and mothers). You will have to take the tour in order to learn of the original settlers, movie stars, artists and entrepreneurs who established this amazing beach town.

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Bye for now- I’m at the Women in Travel Summit

      I am headed to the Women in Travel Summit in Irvine, CA! Today through Sunday I am excited to travel back to the OC! I will be attending the Women in Travel Summit in Irvine CA. I look forward to meeting other female travel bloggers, to connect with brands, build expertise, and engage …

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My Enlightening Adventure with Gorilla Glass 4

Technology has eased its way into everything that we do. The importance of how we communicate and document our lives is at an all time high. I love it! I love that we have the ability to share information, share photos and keep in touch with the people we care about so much easier now …

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Blogging My Way To Visit Boston!

It has been a busy few weeks and I am just now getting around to sharing my experience of “Blogging My Way to Visit Boston”. Just a few days after we returned from our amazing vacation in Costa Rica, I hopped on a plane and flew to frosty Boston! What was I thinking? Talk about …

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