Small Group Tour Anyone? – A Truffle Hunting Adventure in Italy!

small group tour
The gorgeous Italian countryside – All photos in this post by The Italian Tour!

A Small Group Tour will be the hottest travel ticket in town.

I am thinking of planning my next small group tour. For the past six months, did we ever think we would still be socially distancing on month #6? We have been stuck inside, unable to travel like we used to before COVID.  

Everyone has a different philosophy, and perhaps underlying health issues that complicate this discussion further. 

This is me talking; I will not put any pressure on you to make plans to travel. However, I can offer you something fun to think about and maybe put down a deposit for the possibility of taking a small group tour.

Tours of 12 or less will be popular for the obvious reasons. Fewer people, more intimate tours created by locals who can prepare and protect their guests while visiting. 

Can we forecast how travel will be in November 2021? No, we can’t. But we can dream and plan for it.

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Changes From COVID Influenced The Biggest Adventure of Our Lives

changes from COVID
The gift bag in the center is filled with toiletries I couldn’t live without and for emergencies. So glamorous! But we are all smiles on the road North!

The life changes from COVID are endless.

Can we count the ways that COVID has changed our lives? Where do we begin? Life as we know it has turned on its head, spun around fifty times, and then was asked to stand up straight. How can we do that? Answer: One day at a time.

Parents welcomed their grown children back home when they couldn’t go to work or lost their jobs. Empty Nester Moms and Dads readjusted to making meals for many instead of two once again. Were we sad they came home? No, not all. Adjustments were made, new routines were created, and bonds became even stronger.

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Let’s Escape to Lake Tahoe For Our Next Getaway

escape to Lake Tahoe
Photo: L. Simone

An Escape to Lake Tahoe

Let’s go to the mountains where there are fewer people, fresh air, blue skies, exceptional deep blue water, and views to make you weep. Let’s escape to Lake Tahoe! I am once again working with my friends at to bring you more travel inspiration.

We started visiting Lake Tahoe when our children were little, we traveled there in the winter to ski and in the summer to hike, but with Fall around the corner, it’s time to plan for the leaf-peeping season! It is best to reach out to local hotels to learn about their new COVID protocols and safety guidelines. However, it is getting easier to travel every week that passes by. Fall in Lake Tahoe could be a wonderful first step back toward our love of travel.

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Taste Your Virtual Vacation – A Delicious Maui Style Menu

Maui Style Menu



A  Maui Style Menu

Are we dreaming of a tasty trip or virtual vacation Maui Style? We cannot travel across the vast Pacific Ocean to the island of Maui, but we can pretend like we are! Virtual Vacations can transport us to a place we can’t get to for one reason or another. This Maui Style Menu will help you bring all of the essential elements together!

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A Positive Reset for 2020 & My New E-Book To Help You THRIVE!

A Positive Reset for 2020

Do you dream about a positive reset for 2020? Yes, me too. This year has been emotionally exhausting, and as I work through it, I am always looking for some solid inspiration! 2020 has become something we barely recognize and since I cannot travel or maintain my travel writer lifestyle, I tried something new. We created Cocktail Adventures, and it has been a lot of fun! Cocktail Adventures is an eight video series where Craig and I share our personal recipes and cocktail expertise along with a travel story that pairs well with the destination. Have you seen them?

In addition, my new friends at Get Organized HQ asked me to be one of two Empty Nester speakers for an upcoming Virtual Video Summit. Suzy from Empty Nest Blessed is also sharing her expertise! How fun is that?

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Get Everything You Need For Your Maui Staycation!

Maui staycation
We miss visiting Maui so much!

A  Maui Staycation – Yes, Please!

Last week, in my first post for How to Create a Virtual Vacation Maui Style, I introduced you to the general concept of creating a vacation at home. The Coronavirus has hijacked travel, and we need to have a way to at least pretend to be in a tropical destination. Don’t we?

Creating a path to explore a Maui Staycation was my way of getting past the indisputable travel obstacles we are facing.


Check out the new Guide!

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How to Create Your Own Virtual Vacation – Maui Style!

multi-colored sunset in Maui
A Maui sunset will dazzle you daily!

A Virtual Vacation? What is that?

Imagine the cold-sweet sip of a tropical Mai Tai, Seared Ahi Tuna with Vegetable Fried Rice, and a mound of ice cream covered in chocolate fudge in a decadent slice of Hula Pie. Yes, please! Tell me more. This delicious list is just the beginning of an authentic and tasty Maui Style vacation you can create at home.

The COVID 19 pandemic has all but ruined our travel calendar and certainly curtailed any type of air travel over the blue Pacific. Many people have underlying health conditions that prevent any possibility of travel no matter what is happening in the world. Maybe a Maui vacation is not in the budget at all?

Well, my non-traveling friends, I have a solution. Disappointed by my lack of travel options during the Stay at Home mandate, I needed to change my thinking. I had to look at my current situation and determine just how to move forward when I could not write about future travel or plan any of our own adventures. Just like you, I couldn’t enjoy a Maui vacation if I wanted to!

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Dreaming of the Perfect Fall Getaway in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole

How does a getaway to Jackson Hole Wyoming sound? Pretty good in my opinion!

Are you daring to dream of the perfect place to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation? I think it is time for us to use our imagination and make some plans. I am not a doctor, just your travel enthusiast friend who wants life to be safe and full of adventure. We can dream, create the plan, and be ready for when the time is right.

So for today, I am teaming up with my friends at to dream of a place where the restaurant scene is exceptional, the small-town feel is sophisticated yet rustic, and the great outdoors is just steps away!

Jackson Hole

A Fall getaway to Jackson Hole is just what we need to heal and satisfy our travel hunger. We took a road trip to this enchanted setting last summer, and it absolutely knocked me over. There is a wide variety of accommodations to choose from, and you can decide which suits you best. From high-end luxury properties to more affordable and casual ones, there is lodging for every budget.

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Tune in to Deborah Kobylt LIVE on Facebook to See Me Tomorrow!

Deborah Kobylt Live

An interview on Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Since we are all working from home, I have an idea for you. Are you looking for something fun to do during your lunch break tomorrow? How about tuning in to a video podcast with Deborah Kobylt! I will join Deborah via Zoom to chat about life as an empty nester.

What changes have we experienced? How are the challenges different now that the kids are grown? What fun adventures do we have planned? Where have we been and where are we going next? I will share about the origin of Adventures of Empty Nesters and a whole lot MORE!!

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Celebrating the Twins!: Fabulous Tips & Details of a Virtual Baby Shower

virtual baby shower
Mother/daughter moment before the shower began.

Highlights of our virtual baby shower!

Did you ever think you would be planning a virtual baby shower? Was that even a possibility last year or the year before? Now that Zoom is part of our everyday culture; we used it to celebrate our daughter.

I am not going to lie; having a virtual baby shower for our daughter Alex was an emotional decision. Well, truthfully, it was the only decision that could be made, but still so hard!

No friend, co-worker, or family member would see her in person and get to hug her and admire this physical feat of strength. She is carrying two enormous humans in her body! 

Oh, COVID-19, you have changed our lives forever. I am not going to get into the politics of any of it, but suffice it to say I am angry, but managing my thoughts. My sweet daughter deserved to be celebrated, and I was going to figure out just how to do it. I have never attended a virtual baby shower, have you?

Because I am a blogger, I will write all about it, share the details and you can receive the benefit of my experience. I want you to have the best shower or celebration EVER, so if my design ideas help you, I am happy!

virtual baby shower
No guesses needed. There will be a Girl AND a Boy!

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