Your Most Favorite Posts of the Year! Did you miss any?

Another year of adventures

Well, another year has passed lightning fast, hasn’t it? We have all turned another page on the calendar that signifies the end of 12 more months of adventures. I don’t actually use a paper calendar but for some reason I visualize this large calendar with the word January 2019 printed at the top. Do you do that?

I went electronic with my personal calendar years ago and only write on paper in my bullet journal and book journal. I am a thank you note writer and card sender, but all of my calendar activities are stored in my computer and on my iPhone.

Life has evolved to the point that we all seem to need instant gratification. I could never be discussing a potential event or trip and say “Hold on, I need to go home and look at my calendar, I will get back to you.” It seems rather dramatic, but we expect instant decision-making. Don’t we?

An editorial calendar

Working with an editorial calendar helps make my writing life stay on track. What is an editorial calendar exactly? This is where I keep track of research ideas, trips and potential blog topics. For the blog at Adventures of Empty Nesters, my goal is to create a cohesive site where the subject matter flows nicely into the next. If I post twice a week, I don’t usually jump from a trip to Mexico and then hop over to Iceland.

The topics are spread evenly (at least I try) and I cover the same destination over a couple of days or weeks. When you take a Viking Cruise for example, there are SO many things to write about. The ship, the excursions, the food etc and so I would keep those posts together.

So, with that little bit of clarification, I compiled the Adventures of Empty Nesters favorite posts of the year in one place. It is a challenge to keep up with everything that comes to your inbox, so I am offering you another opportunity to read about something you may have been particularly interested in but did not have the time to read! Thank you again for reading and your support. I truly appreciate it!

May I also note that several of my most popular posts weren’t even written this year! The beauty of blogging is that posts are “evergreen”. This means that they are always available whether they were published yesterday or last year.

People search for specific information every minute of every day and these blog post topics may not have been written about recently, but the information is still very relevant and helpful.

Just click on the title of each post and you will be taken right to it!

Here Are The Top Eleven Most Popular & Favorite Posts of 2018!

Books and Travel, Travel and Books

an Empty Nest Christmas

Thirteen Things to Do with Your Adult Kids

tour of Japan

Find Adventure with Me on My Amazing Trip to Japan

What is it like to take a Viking Cruise?

What’s It Like to Take a Viking Cruise? Truthfully it is impressive!

trip to Nebraska

A LA Girl’s First Trip to Nebraska – I loved it!

Spring Break Travel Plans

The Hyatt Carmel Highlands :: Unrivaled Views of the California Coast Since 1917

Italian cooking class

An Italian Cooking Class for the Whole Family

A Family & Friends Adventure: A Destination Wedding in Seattle

The Palio

Adventures at the Palio in Siena: An Exhilarating Experience

things to do on Oahu

Adventures in Hawaii :: 26 of the Best Things To Do on Oahu

The Empty Nest: Our Renovated Kitchen and Dining Room Are My Happy Place

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