Do you like to travel at the holidays? Come share your story.


travel at the holidays
Grand Central Terminal, New York


Do you like to travel at the holidays ?

About three years ago, I sent out a request for all of you to share your favorite holiday destination. This collaborative post was super fun to do and I thoroughly enjoyed reading where YOU like to go!

I think it is about time we did this again!

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A Family & Friends Adventure: A Destination Wedding in Seattle


destination wedding

Although sad to see it end, the wedding adventure is complete. Our grown up adult daughter has married her prince at a lovely destination wedding in Seattle.

Destination Weddings

Have you been to a destination wedding? I believe the definition of this type of celebration to be any wedding location too great a distance that you could not comfortably drive to and from in the same day.

Seventy percent of all our guests came from outside the state of Washington. That is a huge percentage of wonderful, caring family and friends who wouldn’t miss this day for the world. We so appreciate the time effort and expense of traveling to our Seattle “Urban Garden” Wedding in downtown Seattle.

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They are back! Find Adventure luggage tags for your next trip!


find adventure luggage tag

These tags make me smile

I introduced these adorable Find Adventure luggage tags several years ago as a practical and fun way to connect as fellow travelers. And they’re back! The holidays are around the corner and why not purchase these tags for the globetrotters in your life?  I am hoping to continue to grow the #findadventure movement and these tags will help us get there!

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Never Been Seen Travel Photos of Our Family Trip to Italy

family trip to Italy
Roma! Every trip to Italy should have a plate of spaghetti as delicious as this! Ripe summer tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic = perfection.

Our family trip to Italy

There is never enough space in each post to share every favorite moment and travel photo. I try not to bombard you with too much copy or too many photos, therefore lots of photos are left behind! I wish I could include a photo album every time I publish! However the next best thing is to just tell a story with my never been published photos from my recent BIG summer family trip to Italy.

On social media I have actually noticed several bloggers and non-bloggers have taken extensive trips this past summer. When you travel to Europe, so very far away, it is nice to try to squeeze in as much as you can while you are there. Although the argument can be made that you move pretty quickly and don’t get to dive too deep into each city you visit.

We actually did a little bit of both. We stayed in one villa for a week in Italy in order to enjoy the countryside, slow down, relax and spend quality time with the family and then we usually spent several nights in each city after that. Craig and I left Italy and flew to Mallorca and then I flew to Berlin to take a Viking River Cruise from Berlin to Prague and lastly I stayed in Budapest, Hungary for four more nights. A BIG beautiful summer of travel. For today I am just sharing a little more of Italy.

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Travel Mishaps :: My Newest Story & How I Handled It


travel mishaps
Smile anyway, it will all work out (View of Budapest, Hungary)

Travel Mishaps :: It happens to all of us!

Oh no, oh no, oh no. That is all I could think. I continued to ponder in rapid succession:  “Maybe someone will find it and turn it in. Yes I know they will. How do I get the phone number to the Admiral’s Club at Logan Airport? I bet that’s impossible. Craig’s going to be so disappointed in me. How could I be so careless. How can I live without this?”

My iPad. My favorite possession. My books, my digital library, my books! I will sit on an airplane for 5 hours! What will I do? I hate the movies they offer on the plane. OMG.

I was sitting in 15D. I am also a Priority passenger so I was on the plane with only about 30 people so far. I thought, “Can I make it? Will they let me off the plane? How do I do this?”

I am a rule follower by nature and this is WAY out of my comfort zone. I always follow the path of least resisitance. However, in miliseconds, I decide to walk quickly toward the back where there are not many passengers. Both flight attendants look at me and as fast an auctioneer I share my dilemma. They answer,  “We have to stay back here, go to the front and see what they can do.” Meanwhile, Flight Attendant Angela, called ahead to the front (probably saying something like; Crazy woman running up the aisle!) Ugh…

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An Italian Cooking Class in Tuscany for the Whole Family

Italian cooking class
The divine Chef Dania at La Chiusa – How cute is she? So talented too!

Italian cooking class

Who wants to go to an Italian Cooking Class? Me!

How many of you have dreamed of taking an Italian cooking class that is actually in Italy? Yes, me too! Last summer I enjoyed my time with Tuscan Women Cook so much, but I was traveling alone. I had a total blast, but often I was thinking how much fun it would be if my family was there with me too!

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Major Trends in Travel ~ What are the HOT topics?

trends in travel
A BIG Experience! Driving a Polaris in Montana – I have never done anything like this and I LOVED it!

Major Trends in Travel

At the Travel and Adventure show in Los Angeles, we had a great time perusing the booths representing world wide travel and stopped to listen to several travel experts talk about trends in travel.These three travel topics stood out to me and I wanted to dive in and give them a little more attention. Craig and I actually fit into all three of these categories, do you?

  • BIG experience, BIG Adventure
  • Personal Immersive Travel
  • Multi-Generational Travel

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Friday Roundup – Bits and pieces we didn’t get a chance to talk about this week!

Happy Friday! If you missed it…You can find this week’s post about == > How to Stay Fit When You Travel ===> HERE My Friday Roundup: Links to Awesome Stories You Have Probably Not Seen. Don’t you love it when someone else does the work? OMGee 20 Books everyone ill be talking about this Summer! …

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Travel Tips for Everyone: How to Eat Everything and Still Stay Fit

how to eat everything and still stay fit
Sitting at the head of the table at a farm to table feast in Oahu

How to Eat Everything and Still Stay Fit When You Travel

Well, first of all this is a TALL order. Second of all, it takes some work. Third of all, nobody’s perfect, especially me.

I think there is a misunderstanding that when someone sees a post of an amazing restaurant dish or fabulous handcrafted cocktail, they assume that we eat this way all the time. No, not true at all. By the same token when we post happy things on Facebook all the time it implies that our lives are perfect! Nope, not true either! Read on my friend…

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An Almost Travel Catastrophe & How to Handle It

travel catastrophes
Early Sunday morning ~ Happy to have just arrived at our destination in Seattle.


A travel catastrophe averted ~

We can all try to be as organized and prepared for travel as we can, but when an airline cancels your flight, you are not in control.

For those of us who like to control our lives and stay on top of everything this can be extremely frustrating, especially at 5:00 am.

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