Eat, Drink & Discover – Culinary Travel to Northern Italy

Culinary travel to Venice

A Springtime Adventure! Venture to Veneto with me!

Come discover the sights, smells and tastes of the region of Veneto in Northern Italy on a culinary tour with Oldways. See the production of Prosecco (and taste yes please!) first hand and meet the artisans that make delicious cheese and local olive oil.

What better way to get to know a new region than to be introduced through culinary travel? I am joining a tour of travelers who share the same passion for food that I do. Another added bonus… Chefs Kevin O’Donnell and Michael Lombardi of the acclaimed SRV restaurant in Boston will be traveling with us sharing their knowledge and expertise as well. Oldways culinary tours takes small groups of travelers off the beaten path. Each tour is led in partnership with a culinary expert or chef, planned with a firm belief that the heart of any culture can be illuminated by exploring its food, wine, and culinary traditions.

culinary travel

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Your Most Favorite Posts of the Year! Did you miss any?

Another year of adventures

Well, another year has passed lightning fast, hasn’t it? We have all turned another page on the calendar that signifies the end of 12 more months of adventures. I don’t actually use a paper calendar but for some reason I visualize this large calendar with the word January 2019 printed at the top. Do you do that?

I went electronic with my personal calendar years ago and only write on paper in my bullet journal and book journal. I am a thank you note writer and card sender, but all of my calendar activities are stored in my computer and on my iPhone.

Life has evolved to the point that we all seem to need instant gratification. I could never be discussing a potential event or trip and say “Hold on, I need to go home and look at my calendar, I will get back to you.” It seems rather dramatic, but we expect instant decision-making. Don’t we?

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Deep Dive: An Intriguing New Cocktail Bar in Seattle

Deep Dive - a new cocktail bar in Seattle

An alluring new cocktail bar in Seattle

I love discovering new places and intriguing spaces. Don’t you? If a friend shares a hot new restaurant or an insider bit of travel news, I am forever grateful. Well my friends, I too have something compelling to share!

On this recent trip to Seattle we struck new-restaurant-gold. Only a few months ago Renee Erickson chef and creator of Sea Creatures restaurant group, opened a new cocktail bar called Deep Dive. We heard it was “like a New York speakeasy”, super small and really hard to get in to. There were reports of three and four hour waits to get in! Who waits that long? Not us. But hold on, there is more…

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Going on a trip to San Francisco soon? Here are 3 fab restaurants to try!


trip to San Francisco

Every trip to San Francisco must include a culinary adventure!

Honestly, I try, but I can’t keep up! There are so many HOT enticing restaurants, serving incredibly exciting food in this culinary mecca that there aren’t ever enough days in every trip to San Francisco!

I have written a great deal about the restaurants we have visited and enjoyed I checked back over two previous posts here and here and I still agree with every word. They are ALL still on my favorites list. However, after this past trip, we went to three more restaurants you need to check out!

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A Tasty Adventure – The 5th Annual Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival

Hungry? It’s the 5th Annual Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival!

Is the Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival on your entertainment radar? Why did it take us five years to put this event on our travel schedule? It was a dreamy experience where we could celebrate our passion for upscale dining and supporting local restaurants and wineries. What better way to investigate the best of what Orange County has to offer than by nibbling and sipping in the same place? Under vast white tents and flanked by cars from Range Rover and Jaguar, this event was over-the-top fantastic.

annual Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival
Honey Lavender Roasted Pear & Gorgonzola Bruschetta by Maggiano’s

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A Dreamy Vacation in the Portuguese Countryside

in the Portuguese countryside
The spectacular countryside of Portugal.

Please welcome back Angela Light, my longtime friend and traveler who spent a great deal of time and energy to write this fantastic post for all of us! Her over-the-top amazing vacation in the Portuguese countryside absolutely captivated me. The dreamy descriptions and elegant accommodations coupled with world class cuisine is my kind of vacation. Take a minute to enjoy this post, it is incredible & I just loved her adventure!

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A Viking River Cruise Extra – A Fabulous Food Tour in Berlin


food tour in Berlin
A local store that carries all of the local tasty foods


Who knew that a tour food in Berlin would be part of my Viking River Cruise? Bonus! In my opinion, food touring is the perfect companion to every city tour. What better way to understand the city culture than to taste the food that locals love to eat!

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What is it like to take a Viking River Cruise? Truthfully, it is impressive!


What is it really like to take a Viking River Cruise?

So you want to take a Viking River Cruise ?

Like me, haven’t you always wondered what it was really like to take a Viking River Cruise? I have always been curious and actually never been on any kind of cruise. You may find that surprising, but it has never really been at the top of our travel adventure list. But that list has been re-written!

What is it like to take a Viking River Cruise?
Tam & Me


Recently, I was presented with the opportunity to travel with Viking River Cruises on the Elegant Elbe River Cruise that begins in Berlin, Germany and ends in Prague, Czech Republic. My friend and fellow travel writer Tam Minton of Travels with Tam, took this first (for both of us) river cruise with me as well.

Side note: On the first evening of the cruise, the Cruise Director, the fantastic Benne Bennison, asked for a show of hands who had been on a Viking Cruise before. Every single hand went up except Tam’s and mine. How is that for validation! They keep on coming back for more! 

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An Italian Cooking Class in Tuscany for the Whole Family

Italian cooking class
The divine Chef Dania at La Chiusa – How cute is she? So talented too!

Italian cooking class

Who wants to go to an Italian Cooking Class? Me!

How many of you have dreamed of taking an Italian cooking class that is actually in Italy? Yes, me too! Last summer I enjoyed my time with Tuscan Women Cook so much, but I was traveling alone. I had a total blast, but often I was thinking how much fun it would be if my family was there with me too!

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Adventures in Hawaii :: 26 of the Best Things to Do on Oahu

things to do on Oahu
View from Makapuu Lighthouse

Finding the best things to do on Oahu can be a challenge, there are so many to choose from!

We recently had an absolute blast traveling to this exotic paradise with long time friends and our grown kids. Our dear friend Pam has lived on the island for 30 years and insisted on taking us to her favorite spots. We were able to experience Oahu from a locals perspective and now you will benefit too from her awesome ideas!

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